7 Ways To Help Your Clients Spend More … More Often!

Connor Keppel

About four weeks ago in my last Phorest blog post I opened your eyes to the best way to grow your business which was to focus your attention on your existing clients and …

1. Help them to spend more and

2. Visit the salon more so they can spend their money more often.

Why does putting your focus on these two things work so well?

Because of what you’ll have to do to help clients spend more and come in more frequently.

– You’ll have to educate your clients better, so they understand the benefits AND SEE THE VALUE of what you’re offering them.

– You’ll have to communicate with them as human beings better as well, so they REALLY know how much you care.

– You’ll have to focus on delivering what you promise to them more consistently as well.

This is fine in theory, but I know from experience you’d like some practical steps to follow to help you achieve higher average bills and increase the frequency of client visits to your salon … so today as the title suggests we’re going to look at 7 simple ways to help you do it.

1. Prepare the Team:

To create a successful shift in client buying habits you first have to create a successful shift in the thinking and behaviour of your team.

The reason for this is summed up beautifully by my favourite saying.

“If you (and your team) keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got!”

You want your clients behaviour to change … YOU HAVE TO CHANGE FIRST!

If you thought you could avoid this first critical step, you’d be making a HUGE mistake because although you ‘could’ implement everything else I’m about to suggest you’d soon discover that … if your team and the culture of your salon don’t change to support it, you simply won’t see consistent growth in your average bill.

How do you shift the thinking and behaviour of your team?

First of all at a team meeting I’d sit down with them and paint the big picture. Tell them about your change of focus from finding new clients onto your improving the performance of existing clients and why you’ll be measuring average bill and client visit numbers closely in future.

In other words show them following your plan is easiest, most effective, most fun way to secure their future pay rises and create increasing job satisfaction!

Then I’d do a brainstorming session to encourage them to come up with good ideas for increasing average bill and the frequency of client visits.

Take their ideas, work with your team to test and polish them and you’ll be amazed at the results you see.

2. Add A Silent Sales Team

Once your team and their ideas are ready, you can introduce their secret helpers … ‘Your Silent Sales Team.’

I bet you didn’t know you could have one … but you can.

Your silent sales team members come in many disguises.

They can be disguised as mirror stickers, flyers, posters, window displays, newsletter articles, blog posts, pages on your your website, videos posted on You Tube your website and Facebook.

As you’ve probably realised your silent sales team is the marketing collateral you create to generate interest in the ADDED VALUE you’re offering you’re offering your clients if they trust you enough to spend more.

Most salons don’t do enough work on their silent sales team or if they do they do it badly … this is an expensive mistake.

I could write a whole book on marketing (and knowing me I probably will one day!) but for some hints on how to create stronger marketing material you’ll find these 2 articles useful. Just click on the titles below to see them.

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If you can’t wait for the book and you want more specific advice on creating powerful salon marketing collateral, tailored to you and your salons needs, just contact me by clicking here and I’ll be happy to help you.

3. Make Impulse Buying Easy

Garages, Chemists and Supermarkets are past masters at this, but there’s no reason why your salon can’t take advantage of the same principles.

What are we talking about?

We’re talking about all the impulse buy items they put within easy reach of their customers as they stand at the till waiting to pay. They put them there because they know that their customers are more likely to choose something extra at the time of paying than ANY OTHER TIME IN THEIR VISIT.

We’re talking about tapping into basic human instincts here … so what could you stock?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tangleteezer brushes, Professional combs, Invisibobble bands, Hair accessories, Umbrella’s or Rain hats, Headache tablets, Hand wipes and Tissues, Make up and Nail varnish remover.

As I said those simple ideas were just to get you started. I’m sure a brainstorming session with your team could come up with loads more. You could even ask your clients what they’d like you to stock!

Just make sure that whatever you choose is well displayed and within easy reach!

4. Add Premium Versions Of Existing Services

This one is simple and SIMPLY EFFECTIVE!

Create a tiered price structure for your services, by adding premium or luxury levels at a higher price. Give them ADDED VALUE with extra time, give them ADDED VALUE with higher quality ingredients, give them ADDED VALUE with attractive extras, give them what you like, just make sure it gives them ADDED VALUE.

The final touch is to create an exciting name for your premium or luxury services … and charge more for them!

By the way, the secret to getting this right is to make the ADDED VALUE of the more expensive options look really obvious. In other words give them what looks like loads extra for not a lot of money.

You’ll be amazed by the number of clients who say yes, if you promote this properly and it all adds up to higher average bills!

5. Introduce New Non-Competing Services

This is an obvious strategy, but it needs to be thought through properly.

If you want your clients to spend more, you’ve got to give them more to spend their money on.

So far so good!

If they’re already buying shampoo or moisturiser from you and you simply give them a new brand or variant to buy instead it’s not going to make a massive difference, is it.


If you give them a totally new product or service to buy that doesn’t compete with or replace ANYTHING they are currently buying then it’s win win for you and your client.

The important thing to remember here is that if you want someone to buy something totally new that they haven’t tried before, you have to sell it in a different way.

You have to talk about the problem your new product or service solves and the price your clients are currently paying in lost time, lost money, living with stress or feelings of insecurity because of not having an answer to that problem.

In other words SELL THE PAIN OF THE PROBLEM and they’ll happily buy your new solution to their pain. Try and sell the solution without building the pain of the problem first and your results will probably be disappointing!

6. Create ‘Price/Time’ Menus

If you’ve read ‘The Salon Owners Guide To Beating The Recession’ (and if you haven’t you can download it for free by clicking here) you’ll know I’m a big fan of pricing services by the minute using the ‘Pence Per Minute’ formula.

Some salon owners, ‘mainly beauty salon owners because of the wider range of services they offer’, have recently been having a lot of success creating what I call price/minute menu’s for their clients and they’ve seen their average bill figures soar because of it.

First they make or create versions of services that can be delivered in 20 minutes. They then create a menu of 6, 7 or 8 of those services and say to clients “you can pick any 3 treatments for a set price of X” (with X being a figure they are happy with for an hours work.)

Clients love the choice, control, certainty and ADDED VALUE an offer like this gives them and they buy, buy, buy!

By the way, the real beauty of this offer format is its flexibility.

Clients can choose different combinations to suit their needs and every few weeks you can change the items on the menu, change the number of items on the menu, change the price you charge for the hour.

Remember … Every time you change something you just give your menu a different name and clients feel like you’re giving them a new offer … even when you’re not!

7. Create ‘Improved Result’ Packages

This is another simple one to implement.

The results of nearly every service you offer will work better and last longer if your client follows the right aftercare regime.

This would normally involve your clients buying aftercare products to take home.

We all know that only a percentage of our clients will take us up on our aftercare recommendations, but we can increase that percentage substantially if we include the aftercare products in the service price.

Obviously we can’t afford to give the products away but we can create a ‘full service’ package with its own package brand name and a fabulous silent sales team to promote it, that offers your clients conspicuously good ADDED VALUE!

To bring this article to a close I want you to remember that clients have a habit of going where the ADDED VALUE is, which is why I’ve stressed the point all the way through.

This means, if you want them to spend more, you and your team have to create real ADDED VALUE propositions … AND .. get your team with the help of their silent sales team to bring the ADDED VALUE to your clients attention.

One final tip. Keep things simple. if your ADDED VALUE offers get too complicated or you have too many on at the same time your clients will get confused and CONFUSED CLIENTS DON’T BUY!

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