Happy 2014! Welcome to the new-look Phorest blog

Connor Keppel

Happy New Year! Make this the best one yet.  As a salon or spa owner, that may seem daunting. You’re already working really hard right? But remember, to make each year the best one yet, you just have to continually make minor improvements on the year before. Nothing revolutionary or unrealistic, but just always aiming to improve some area in your business that helps you grow in the year ahead.

That’s what the new-look Phorest blog is all about. Supporting you on a journey to continued growth post-by-post.

2014 is all about Retention Marketing. 

Retention Marketing will grow your salon or spa over time by focusing on two key areas:

  1. Increasing your clients’ average spend
  2. Getting your clients back more often

What about new clients? Well, the average salon has had over 3,000 clients through its door, but only 17% of them are coming back! The trick to growing your salon is not by getting lots of new clients, but by getting your existing clients spending more, more often and letting them get the new clients for you through referrals.

We’ll be helping you achieve exactly this in 2014 with videos, posts and presentations right here on the blog and sharing practical advice and tips to get you on the path to growth.

Here’s to 2014. Let’s make it a good one and Let’s Grow!

Connor Keppel is the Marketing Manager at Phorest. You can contact Connor on 0207 100 9290 in the UK or 01 874 7800 in Ireland or by email on