Terrible Christmas jumper

4 Simple Ideas for a Great Xmas Facebook Competition

Connor Keppel

Christmas is a time for sharing and bonding and it’s peak time for you to increase your referrals, spread the word and get people talking about your salon.  So why not do something different? Grab your clients’ attention, create awareness and interest and get noticed by your clients’ friends online

Here’s some ideas for a Christmas Facebook Competition.


Facebook Competition – run a Facebook competition before Xmas. Come up with an original idea.

My personal advice is “the funnier the better”. It’s Christmas time, people want to smile and relieve their stress. Here’s four funny ideas to run a memorable Facebook Competition this Christmas.

  1. “The Best Xmas Jumper” Competition – let your clients upload and share pics of their Xmas outfit on your salon Page.
  2. “Submit your Emoticon” Competition – ask your fans to submit their photos to convey three emoticons such as a smile :), a frown 🙁 or a ‘hhummpphhh’. :S
  3. “The Best Xmas Shot” Competition – Encourage your fans to share their best Christmas snaps of snowmen, brightly decorated homes, Christmas trees, and so on.

For the three ideas above, ‘The photo with the most likes wins’ would work well!

“Make a Christmas Wish List” Competition – encourage your fans to create their own wish list including your products and treatments. Ask them to go on your salon website and list 3 or 4 pf their favourite producst/treatments. One of the participants will get them for free as a winner.

REMEMBER: like and share competitions are against Facebook’s terms and conditions. You can however ask them to comment on the competition and like it. If they share it, it’s perfectly fine – you just can’t make it a ‘must’ for a chance of winning.

Giulia works in the marketing department of Phorest. If you have questions for Giulia about this post or Facebook Competition in general, email marketing@phorest.com or leave a comment below. Many thanks for reading!