Global Trainer

Phorest Salon Software is a rapidly scaling global salon software company with our HQ in Dublin, Ireland. We operate in Ireland and the UK (where we are the No.1 salon software provider), Finland, Germany, USA and, most recently, Australia.

We are growing quickly in terms of people and revenue and have set ourselves a target to dramatically increase salons using our software over the next 3 years. We are not corporate – we highly value and nurture our independent and entrepreneurial spirit. Great people, rigorous recruitment processes, and sheer hard work have got us to where we are now.

The USA is a key expansion market for us in 2019, so that we are looking for a trainer to deliver exceptional live training online to our USA salon clients. You will work as part of our small team of trainers providing educational support to our client base within the USA. Your key responsibility is ensuring new clients are ready to use Phorest Software, through education and support, once their software has been installed.

Our software training is delivered through online connection via screen link and phone call. Phorest clients can schedule through the system directly for a variety of times through Monday to Friday. We screen share a product demo and use a live phone link so that clients are able to view the training whilst speaking with a trainer. It is highly interactive and covers a range of topics designed to make using our systems easy and impactful. We proactively re-book clients into all modules so they achieve full education on Phorest to ensure full maximisation.

The role is all about delivering first class online education with salon professionals on topics ranging from salon basics on Phorest software to advanced marketing and management training.

From 2019 we will also be hosting client training on an online Learning Management System (LMS) so they can do additional training without an instructor at a time to suit themselves so any experience of working with an LMS would be an asset

Primary Duties

A trainer will deliver up to 6 training sessions each day, from basic appointment booking, system skills to email and sms marketing. You would be responsible for booking the training, setting up the calls and ensuring our clients get connected easily and quickly. Salon experience/knowledge is preferential

  • Learning about the salon client before the call
  • Preparing any training materials
  • Sending out education resource docs/emails
  • Maintaining training calendar
  • Planning effective and timely follow up after training Facilitation
  • Using questioning techniques to understand clients needs/ability/motivation
  • Uses voice and materials to maintain interest and variety
  • Encouraging style to ensure high levels of engagement
  • Listening skills to understand and read the remote client
  • Ability to give training content client specific context
  • Relates to business objectives and growth
  • Ability to build rapport and overcome anxiety or objections
  • Adapt to a variety of learning styles and personalities technical skills
  • Some experience of computer systems
  • Ability to learn the Phorest system in depth

Reporting remotely to Dublin, Ireland but working with our US team based in our co-working space in Philadelphia, US. 

Please send a Application Letter & CV to Helen at