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Review your employer brand

Last week, we took some time to review your salon’s online reputation. Today, let’s talk about another type of reputation. Just as important, yet often overlooked: how you’re viewed as an employer.

Your employer brand is what your past, current and future staff think and feel about your salon as a place to work. If it’s overlooked or, even worse, negative, hiring and retaining staff becomes both challenging and costly.

For those of you who have been in the hair & beauty industry long enough, you will remember how back in the old days, you worked for the salon, the boss, the name. A lot of the hype was around the owner as a person. Today, the workforce is looking for more than that. People are looking for flexibility, autonomy, and a relationship with senior management and the owner. They want to feel supported in reaching their own goals, too, not just the salon’s.

The future of salon growth will require that you get invested in a new way as a leader and build teams in new ways. That includes perhaps revisiting the salaries & benefits packages you offer, the growth opportunities, your culture, and most importantly, the messaging you use to communicate all of the above.

Your challenge: Create the story of being the one business everyone wants to work for. First, visit your website and make sure you have at least one page for your salon’s story, mission statement and values. If you do, review the content and see if you can write a better story, one that makes people think, “Wow, I want to be a part of that.” If you don’t have those content pieces on your website, then today’s your opportunity to write them.

Second, review your employer profiles on recruitment sites. Can you make them more enticing? Can you tell a better story?

Third, if you have job listings online at the moment, schedule some time to review and update them all over the next 1-2 weeks.

For example, instead of writing something like:

At (fill in your salon), we are hiring for an experienced stylist. If you have 2-4 years in the industry and want to be part of an awesome team, please submit your resume.

Write a better story, such as:

At (fill in your salon), we do loyalty, laughter, and friendship. We work hard and work together. We honour that our individual successes make up our team’s success as a whole and are looking for a stylist with a few years of experience who wants to add to our magic. Is it you? Please apply, and let’s find out!

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