8 Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Salon Profile

Proud business woman. Boost your salon profile

What exactly is your salon profile? The way we see it, it’s not really your salon marketing. Instead, it’s actually how the salon owner is perceived and known by the colleagues, competitors and clients around them.

Some salon owners like to stand out and represent their brand, encouraging others to gravitate towards their business. While others prefer to step back from the limelight.

There really is no right or wrong here as there are countless examples of both types being successful.

But today we are interested in exploring what it would be like if a quiet salon owner was looking to boost their salon profile.

First thing we should look at are the benefits, right?


Benefits Of Having A Positive Salon Profile:

-Thought Leadership

– Attracting talent

– Retaining talent

– Getting new clients

– Retaining clients

– Opening new doors for funding, deals and increasing your business profile if you want to open a second salon

As you can see, getting your name out there and building a strong salon profile can indeed benefit your business in a positive way.

But what are the ways to quickly and effectively boost your salon profile?

How about trying one or two of these ideas?:

Salon Profile Ideas

– Speaking at local events


– Reaching out and giving some local newspaper journalists and bloggers a free treatment/style


– Contributing and/or sponsoring local events


– Doing a guest post on some local blogs


– Doing some live stuff in the town centre – for example, check out Dublin Barber Warren Flynn making some news for cutting Homeless people’s hair in the city centre

Or maybe go a different route like Fuzz Wax Bar did

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– Attending the Salon Owners Summit to network

salon owners summit

– Going to seminars such as Pro Beauty and making yourself known to influencers (go up at the end, reach out a week after the event and build connections)


– Attend career days and make sure your salon is known as an amazing place to work


Pretty cool stuff!

Which one of these areas would be of most interest for you to try out? Well, there is no time like the present is there?

How about this week you select one of these ideas and see if you can put it into action!

Oh and if there is an idea in particular that you’d like us to discuss in further detail, please let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂