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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Salon Fans On Facebook

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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Salon Fans On Facebook

You’ve spent the past couple of years slowly building a following of Facebook fans. You’ve seen your “likes” grow steadily week on week. Sometimes though, you notice that a few of those fans “unfollow” you.

Often, we don’t question it. But what if it was something you did? Would you be self-aware enough to realise it?

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Top 5 Actions You Might Be Doing That Are Losing You Fans

Blatant Advertising

Your salon fans already know what your business is about. That’s why they initially liked your business page! Don’t be surprised to be driving people away if you treat your page like a giant digital billboard and only post loads of “amazing sales,” “exclusive discounts” and “special offers.”

It’s good to keep your fans up-to-date with what’s happening on the business-side of your brand – as in offers and such. You just need to find a balance with other types of content!

Posting Every 15 Minutes… Or Never At All

They found you on Facebook and decided to keep up with your salon or spa. However, posting every 15 minutes is keeping them a little too informed.

You never post anything at all? Don’t expect your salon fans to see your updates when you do eventually post one because, without any consistent engagement, you won’t be getting a whole lot of reach.

Sharing Links That Go Nowhere

We’ve all done this by accident at some point. Nevertheless, posting dead links to your Facebook business page is a surefire way of chasing off those hard-earned fans. Unreliability isn’t exactly attractive. Always take the time to proof your posts both for spelling (we’ll get to that shortly) and dead links.

Arguing With Clients On Facebook

No matter how many people follow your salon’s page, you’re always going to have at least one or two keyboard warriors ready to lay the smack-down in your posts’ comments.

If you accept their challenge, be ready to lose the war. While there is a chance you can win the argument, the damage might already be done by then and you’ll have lost a couple of page likes.

Crimes Against Grammar

Secret tip! Bad syntax and misspelled words are fantastic ways to get rid of those pesky fans.

Let’s be serious though: clients can tolerate mistakes every once and a while, but unless you really want to wave goodbye to fans (or engage more keyboard warriors),you probably want to stay away from crimes against grammar!

Final Thoughts

Gaining and retaining followers on Facebook can be really tough. Social media is a two-way communication channel. Try your best to engage, educate and entertain the people who decide to be a part of your community!

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