Try This 'Quiet Day Plan' In Your Salon.

Do you still have quiet days in your salon?

If you do, you’ll find that having a ‘quiet day plan’ in place to put into action straight away … or even the night before, can really help.

Hmmm, a ‘Quiet Day Plan’.

As soon as you mention the word plan, it suggests thinking ahead and doing something on purpose, doesn’t it

And that’s exactly what you have to do if you want it to work properly. You have to do the preparation and have everything in place so it’s ready when you need it.

This way you avoid the common mistake salon owners make of waiting for the next quiet day before you think … “what did Simon say I had to do if it went quiet?”

In other words, don’t be afraid to do the work and the preparation now, so your quiet day plan is ready to go whenever you need it!

Now, there are four elements to your quiet-day plan, and they all have to be in place for it to work.. 

The first element; … you need a list of people to contact, of either current or lapsed clients.

This is where your Phorest system can really help, because with a few quick taps on your keyboard you can identify the behaviour and spending patterns of your clients and choose the best ones to contact with your offer.

So if, for example, you wanted to identify the clients who haven’t been in for the last three months, or those who came in and had a colour, then you can… but if you make the mistake of not using a computer system like memento which allows you to segment your clients, then your marketing becomes becomes very general and doesn’t have the same power.

The second element; … you need an instant means of communication with your clients.

This is because you want results on the day, don’t you.

The most logical way would be to send a text, but you could use email or telephone as well. You could use Twitter or Facebook, but they’re pretty general and the problem with those is you can’t segment, everybody sees them.

The beauty of things like tags, or e-mails, is you can go to your database and select who sees the message. This means you can make it personal. So, my first thought would be text; second would be email or phone, and then lastly Twitter and Facebook, etc.

The third element; … you need a reason to communicate.

You don’t want to appear desperate, so you could just say, “We’ve had an unexpected cancellation and… ” or, “We’re celebrating, so for today only we’re doing this, but we’ve only got room for three…” Be creative and make it something that people can relate to.

The fourth element; … you need a structure to your offer.

The best structure to follow is AIDA.

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

The job of the headline is to grab ATTENTION. The two easiest ways of doing this are either, for people to recognize themselves. So the headline might be, “Mums”

Now, if you’re not a mum, you won’t be interested, but if you are a mum, you’ll say, “That’s me,” and recognise that this is something for you. The alternative, if you can, is to put the client’s name first, “Alexa, you’ll love this.” If the subject line in an email or a text has your name in it, you’ll just have to read the rest of it.

The next step is to build INTEREST. So you’ve got to take whatever it is you’ve said in the headline, and take the client down the road with it.

If you’ve said, “Is frizzy hair bothering you?” and then you say “Here’s a new, easy or simple solution to make it disappear for 10 days!’ – now you’ve got their interest, right?

You’ve got their interest now they DESIRE it. This is where scarcity will come in. Because it’s “today only,” or there’s “Only three available,” they’ll think about taking action.

Tell them exactly what they need to do to take ACTION. “Reply to this text quoting XYZ!” “Pick up the phone now!” They’ve got to be able to respond straight away.

If you get this right, within 10 – 20 minutes you’re going have your responses for the day.

So there we are. You need your list, an instant way of communicating, a reason why, and AIDA. Put all those into place, then if you ever have a quiet day on your hands you’ll be ready!

Simon, who is one of the UK’s leading Salon Business Coaches is a big fan of the Phorest system which he uses in his salon. To Download A FREE copy of his book ‘The Salon Owners Guide To Beating The Recession’ Click here.

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