I use software but use paper consultation cards. The information collected is then added to the software, but we store the hard copies in a locked safe. Do I need to get rid of the hard copies?


No. If you store them in a GDPR approved locked safe you can keep your paper records. You will need to make sure though that only the people who really need to access them have access to it. You will also need to enforce a protocol with a timesheet and a signature every time someone accesses that safe.

Ensuring secure storage and access can prove to be tricky, which is why Phorest Salon Software provides all of their clients with at least a basic digital consultation form that allows salon owners to check their clients in, and get their consent in a GDPR compliant way (including a time stamp and digital signature). We also offer salons who are on the Complete Advantage Package to create their own forms and store them securely. In fact, twenty pre-made forms will already be in their systems, ready to use and GDPR compliant.