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With the sheer amount of emails landing in people’s inboxes every day, your salon’s email marketing campaigns need to be intentional and segmented. More than that, they need to tell a compelling story and present a solution to someone’s challenge — one they’ve already voiced or one they’re potentially thinking about. Sugarcoating your content to make a story more interesting is fine, but writing copy just for the sake of filling white space is never the right way to approach email marketing. Instead, it’s all about having your content work in unison with your other marketing activities.

What is it that you’re trying to convey? What are you also promoting on social media or in the salon at the moment? How can you tie in a marketing email into that?

Getting a substantial return on investment with email marketing is possible and well within reach. You simply need to understand what drives such results.

Your challenge: Plan your salon’s next email marketing campaign. On one page only, lay out all the crucial information about the campaign and what offers or promotions you’re currently running in the salon. You should define:

  • Your segment: Whom are you talking to? This will influence your messaging, perhaps even the type of vocabulary you’ll use.
  • Opportunity: What is your email about, and how can you help solve a specific problem or challenge your clientele is facing?
  • Insights: Do you have testimonials or personal experiences to relate to? Do you maybe have data to support what you’ll say in your email?
  • Desired outcome: When is what you’re promoting available, and how can clients get your offer? Set a sales or bookings target.
  • Key messaging: What will be the core of your messaging? This could be something like: “You are safe with the Firefly Salon team.”

If you feel like this is a bit too advanced, you can also stick to answering the classic 5W+H questions (who, what, where, why, when & how).

Once you have your plan laid out, add your salon’s tone to the mix and start writing your email.

If you’re a Phorest client, you can compose your email directly from within your software, under Marketing > Compose Email (choose a template or start from scratch). If you’re not a Phorest client, you can write your email in tools such as Mailchimp.

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