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Humanize your online business

Over the days, months and years, you’ve put in a relentless amount of work to build your clientele. In-salon clients who’ve been trusting you for a long time, you’ve established a bond. Some of them have perhaps even become good friends of yours outside of the salon! You’ve seen them in their highs and most likely some of their lows. You might have fixed their chipped nails or their fringe that they stressed-cut, or better yet, have been there to help them get the bridal look they dreamed of. You’ve been building their confidence by making them feel and look fantastic, appointment after appointment.

In new customers, you’ve invested time, money and effort, building a firm enough online handshake that they’d finally come into your salon or spa. 

Keep that in mind as you digitize your interactions (social media, texting, chatbots, etc.).

Your challenge: Think about ways you can support your clients even when they’re not in the salon, and with the team, choose 2 or 3 that you want to commit to doing consistently through the rest of the year. Some ideas:

  • Get in front of the camera and record weekly tips that you can use on social media.
  • Go Live on Facebook or Instagram, and encourage your clients to join you for a quick catch up (Live roulette) or Q&A
  • Give online consultations and product recommendations (for example, guide clients through what to do in the case of stress-induced skin issues)
  • Take retail product orders and ship them out to customers with a special thank you note
  • Reach out to some of your most loyal clients for a quick chat to see how they’re holding up these days
  • Keep in touch with your client base with segmented email product education
  • Conduct surveys to find out what people want to hear from you
  • Talk about the steps you’re taking to help your community during this crisis (for example, donating gloves & masks to your local hospital, raising funds to support front line health workers, etc.)

If you’re a Phorest client, give the Phorest Chat feature a try! So much more than your average marketing text package, this feature provides salon businesses with a new and unique opportunity to engage in authentic, personalized conversations with their clients in a sleek and modern chat thread.  Click here to find out more.

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