What Happens When You Invest In Salon Staff Training

Managing a salon is not an easy task. The salon and spa industries are both incredibly competitive environments. Like many other salon owners and managers, you’ve probably asked yourself how to run a successful salon business -or at least, what you could do to maintain an edge on your competitors. Unfortunately, you’ve also probably come to the conclusion there wasn’t a perfect one-cover-it-all answer. In fact, it’s like making a cake. You might have all the ingredients, but without a recipe to follow, good luck on getting the right balance. Well, here are 7 reasons why you should never overlook this “ingredient” again: salon staff training.

Salon Staff Training Creates A Positive Ripple Effect In Your Salon

salon staff training

#1: It Starts With Personal Growth

Let’s go back in time here; before you opened your first salon and/or managed it. Can you remember the ambition you had at the time?

To grow is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings. By investing in salon staff training, you’re not just creating another expense. No, you are giving you team the opportunity to better their skills within your salon! And as sad as it may sound, if you don’t offer them that opportunity, they will eventually pursue growth elsewhere.

salon staff training

#2: It Then Affects Staff Loyalty…

… and loyalty pays off! When employees feel like you wish to see them become the best version of themselves they can be, their trust and loyalty will come naturally. Increased opportunities lead to a happy morale, which leads to increased staff retention levels, which then can translate into a salon culture. All of this, from an outsider’s perspective, can be very attractive. I know for myself that I prefer working for a business that has a strong-knit and loyal team. Personally, I find it way more appealing than the perspective of being  just another number.

salon staff training

#3: Your Salon’s Standards Become Consistent

Having a salon or spa client journey – or salon rules and policies – helps point number three by a whole lot (click here if you wish to learn more about customer journeys).

But think about this: by investing time but also resources into salon staff training, you also ensure your standards are consistent across the board. Sure, you want your customer service to always stay the same no matter which client walks through your doors, but you also want to be able to refer this said client to another stylist or therapist if, for some reason, that employee isn’t in.

salon staff training

#4: You Find Yourself A Step Ahead Of Your Competition

I’m not going to go on and on about this one; you know how competitive the industry is. To stay ahead of trends and competitors, everyone on your team must be at its best. In-salon education programs are a good way to do this, but of course, getting training from other professionals is also a major plus!

salon staff training

#5: Your Retention Rates Are Suddenly Flying Through The Roof

Your team is growing their skills and techniques; and their morale is at +200%… the result? Happy clients! Why would your customers go elsewhere when they get everything they want/need in your salon?!

Actually, a 2% increase in client retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%. Huge, isn’t it? All of a sudden, I bet you’re thinking it’s definitely worth the initial cost of training your staff.

For more information on client retention, check out this article!

salon staff training

#6: Your Entire Staff Team Becomes A Family

By spending so much time together, staff training becomes a team-building activity! Just like that, with a single investment, you hit two targets in one shot (education & team building).

Looking further down the road, team building will have a massive impact on internal communication, turning your staff team into a high-performing family. Your employees will naturally and genuinely care about you, each other and ultimately, the salon. All for the best.

salon staff training

#7: Your Profits Increase

Profits increase. They have too! I mean, look at everything you’ve improved with a single investment: creativity, engagement, staff retention, client retention, and quality standards. When you think about salon staff training, it’s crucial you look at the positive ripple effect it will have on your salon. It might seem like a significant expense to being with, but I promise: your ROI has the potential to bring your salon’s “authority” stance in the industry to the next level!

Please, stop overlooking salon staff training; it’s for your own growth!

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salon staff training

This blog post was inspired by 2016’s Salon Owners Summit Speaker Antony Whitaker salon business tips!