What happens if you’re a sole trader using paper records?


We would advise you to look into software options. Running a salon on pen and paper will become increasingly complicated with GDPR in effect.  You will have to keep exact records of when you asked for what information, how you asked for consent, when it was given, etc. For example, in case of a subject access request, you will need to be able to provide every bit of paper that person’s information shows up on. This will include appointment calendars, notes about colour, emails, etc. You will also have to redact everybody else’s personal data that might show up on that same page of the diary for instance! Even worse, if a client asks to be ‘forgotten,’ you will have to get rid of all their data, without erasing your other clients’ data, and in a GDPR compliant way (and not all shredders are GDPR approved). There are a lot of difficulties coming your way, and a GDPR compliant software solution will make it easier and safer for you.