Phorest TreatCard Marketing Pack


You have ordered your TreatCards and taken another big step to growing your salon like never before.

The success of every great product or service relies heavily on how it’s marketed. That’s why we have put togteher this easy-to-use and super effective marketing kit to help you get clients back more often, spending more.

Below you will find your quick setup guide; some social media content to get clients talking about your TreatCard plus email templates that you can use to promote it to your clients.

1. TreatCard Quick Setup Guide

Download the TreatCard Quick Setup Guide

2. Facebook and Twitter Images

Use these images on your Twitter and Facebook accounts to let all your  online fans know you have a TreatCard. To use, simply right-click on your mouse and hit ‘save image as’. Then upload them to Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.

TreatCard Facebook post

TreatCard Facebook post (Hair)

3. SMS Ideas & Templates

a. SMS 1 (when clients are coming in for appointment)

(insert first name tag here), sample new treatments & products for free! Collect your TreatCard in {insert YOUR SALON NAME} today! Call (insert number)

b. SMS 2 (general promo SMS)

(insert first name tag here), want to sample new treatments & products for free? Make sure you collect your {insert YOUR SALON NAME} TreatCard when you visit!

c. SMS 3 (general promo SMS)

(insert first name tag here), who doesn’t love a treat? Make sure you ask us about your {insert YOUR SALON NAME} TreatCard! Call (insert number) to book now

Justin Fiddy

Have a question about the Phorest TreatCard? Contact Justin Fiddy on: or UK: 0207 100 9290 / Irl: 01 874 7800