There is no Failure. Only Feedback.

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There is no Failure. Only Feedback.

Jay Williams Presents: How Do You Like Me So Far? A webinar around feedback.


I have a pill you can take that will instantly make people like you better, be more interested in what you have to say and want to tell you everything that you want to know about how they feel about you and your performance. You interested? This pill will give you the skills and thinking to get and give feedback so that you will get open, honest, and on-time communication with your employees, managers and clients. (yes your significant other as well). How you take feedback will set the standard for how the people in your world, work and personal, respond to feedback you give them.



You will:

  • Learn what questions to ask to get feedback (when and how you want it)
  • Develop a comfort level in asking for feedback
  • Stop defending and explaining
  • Understand how it can help you personally and professionally
  • Model how you want people to give you feedback




  • Increase retention, referrals, rebookings , reviews and relationships!
  • Transform your consultation into a fact finding experience to identify and exceed client expectations
  • Build relationships and culture of open, honest on time communication
  • Avoid problems by course correcting before there‚Äôs a problem vs. after
  • Create trust



Recent study found 80% of the people who are failing in their current roles are failing due to a lack of interpersonal skills. We are in the people business. There will be a direct correlation between how well you know how to relate to people (including yourself) and how well you do in your career. Join us in learning the thinking, skills and behaviors to ask for and get open, honest, on-time feedback.

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