In High Demand: Maximising Your Reopening Opportunities & Profit

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Ways to be fully booked for months ahead

Lockdown 3.0 is drawing to a close, and you’re getting ready to reopen your salon or spa. Based on people’s background, living conditions and experiences, your salon clients will typically fall into any three of the following profiles: those who find restrictions and added protocols inconvenient, those who are comfortable and even expect the added safety measures, and finally, those you won’t see back in just yet. Now is the time to plan your booking strategy and understand how to maximise your profit, both during and after the initial rush.


In this session, Susan Routledge will walk you through proven strategies to have you booked months ahead with only a few simple steps. This involves zero discounting and will encourage you to regularly and easily raise your prices as part of the process.


More specifically:

  • Understand how to build a rebooking system that clients love
  • Learn the games clients play with you
  • Learn how to completely eliminate no-shows


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