To Post or Not to Post: Why Your Instagram Strategy is Still Important

How to Share Content that will Continue to Support your Clients & Your Business

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Be Proactive: Make the Best of your Situation

During this time of uncertainty it is time to buckle down and start looking at ways to grow your business. Together, with the strength and power of our industry we can work toward a brighter future. 


In this webinar, Jamie Dana will teach you:

  • How to support your clients during this time and ways you can proactively be adding value to their lives even if you’re not in the salon
  • Ways you can continue to work on your business (and help it continue to grow) even if you’re not able to work “in” your business
  • How to manage your Instagram and what to say for the next 2-4 weeks




Jamie Dana is a hairstylist and an educator specializing in teaching hair & beauty professionals how to use Instagram to grow their businesses.


Jamie is most passionate about helping people see their full potential not only as a hairstylist or therapist, but also as a business owner.


She loves to connect with others in the industry and her goal is to create a community full of like-minded individuals who encourage and inspire each other to work hard, build their dreams, and live a life they absolutely love.

To Post or Not to Post

Jamie Dana Webinar

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