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Meet The Team

Melanie Icke

Meet Melanie, the Head of Education at Phorest HQ.

Melanie has worked in various areas of the beauty business for over 25 years and has extensive sales and education experience. She has worked with many beautiful brands, salons and spas to help them identify where and how to impact their businesses. She is passionate about helping salons grow their business through their people. Her ambition at Phorest is to ensure clients get business success through using Phorest Salon Software, so excellent product education is essential. Melanie has a love of data, which helps identify opportunities and gaps, and believes our industry still has massive potential to grow. Retailing, staff development and KPI management are all still hugely underutilised across the beauty industry and conceal exciting opportunities.

Martha Gibbons

Meet Martha, one of our Senior Trainers at Phorest.

Martha has worked for some major global cosmetics brands. She has a real passion for customer service excellence and knows that building great client rapport will help your client retention. Bringing her vast industry knowledge into her training modules means she can give real life examples and understands the challenges many clients face (like getting a stock count done, for example). Martha wants everyone to be an amazing success and will give you the best advice and tips to grow your business using Phorest.

Helen Devenney

Meet Helen, one of our Senior Trainers at Phorest.

Helen is a Phorest expert, both as a user in salon and a trainer. Helen will show you how to customise and utilise Phorest Salon Software to its maximum potential. Having worked in and managed a salon for several years, Helen has an unrivalled ability to always think about things in a salon context. She helps salons achieve great results using Phorest, letting salon staff focus on the day to day business. She loves working with people and wants everyone to take advantage of the free Phorest education. Helen is a great problem solver, so bring her your questions large or small and she will get you answers!

Barbara Kelly

Meet Barbara, one of the Trainers at Phorest HQ.

Our resident marketing expert, Barbara, loves the beauty industry with a passion and she is a trainer with real heart. Always rated very highly by our clients, she has been involved in the world of cosmetics for 10 years. In a retail setting Barbara exceeded high targets for global brands, but also earned a reputation for retaining her clients and providing excellent customer service. Barbara can relate to those salons who have made the leap from pen and paper to Phorest Salon Software and she is an amazingly patient person.

Marry Cummins

susan jackson phorest trainer

Meet Mary, one of our Trainers at Phorest HQ.

Our trainer Mary has 13 years experience in rolling out new software to end users and training them to use it. With a passion for the beauty industry, Mary then returned to education and achieved both a CIDESCO and a teacher training qualification. After using Phorest in a busy salon environment, Mary understands the challenges salon owners and staff face. Mary is very keen to impart her knowledge of Phorest to you and looks forward to answering your questions about how Phorest can help you grow your business!

Grace Egan

Declan Kehoe

Meet Grace, one of our Trainers at Phorest HQ.

Grace is an award winning trainer and her particular excellence lies in customer service. Having 13 years experience within the service industry she believes that customer engagement is key to running a successful business and is essential for customer retention. Grace loves how user friendly Phorest is and wants to show you how using it effectively can make your day so much easier and help your business grow to its full potential.

Michael Geraghty

Michael Geraghty

Meet Michael, one of our Senior Trainers at Phorest HQ.

Michael has been with Phorest since 2008 and has progressed through the company from the support team. Michael has tons of experience with the system and loves helping salons improving their processes to be more efficient, effective and generate more revenue. So if you need any help just get in touch, he will be happy to help.