Reporting Improvements For Client Visits

This post explains the reporting improvements that we released to all clients in April 2020.

What Is Changing?

We made some small, but important changes to how we calculate some key metrics in our reports. This applies to both our New Reports and Additional Reports.

  • Visits will now be counted as unique guest visits per day.
    Up to now we counted each transaction as a visit, which didn’t make sense to a lot of salons! So, if a single client has 1 sale for a service, and another sale for a product on the same day, this will be counted as a single visit.
  • This will affect Visit Counts in the following reports:
    – Performance Stats
    – KPI Performance Detail
    – Staff Performance Tracker
    – Both the Staff Performance Overview and Detail Reports.
  •  This has an impact on some other metrics
    – Average visit revenue will be based on this new visit definition, which will make them more accurate.
    – Product Up-sell is the percentage of client visits that contain a retail purchase and will be affected also.
  • Rebooking inconsistencies fixed 
    We have fixed some small rebooking inconsistencies between certain reports.


Will these updates backdate?
Yes, these changes affect all newly generated reports for salons. However previously generated reports available in Report History will remain the same.

Can we change it back to the old calculation?
This will not be possible. The changes to how reports calculated aren’t able to be customised on a salon by salon basis.

Why are we changing how these metrics calculate?
How we calculate client visits has always been a bit different to industry standards. This has become more obvious as we enter into partnerships in various regions and we’re investing the time now to make it easier in the future for salons to report metrics the way they are needed.

When are these changes happening?
They are already live for all clients.

What difference will I see?
There is no noticeable change in the system, however you will notice that the below mentioned reports will show different figures to any reports in Report History. This is to be expected as the old reports are running on old queries.