15 Statements Average Salon Owners Say

One thing we do here at the Phorest blog is try to come up with unique and original content, designed just for salon owners.

But every once and a while we come across a fantastic article in a different industry and think, “Hey, you know what, I bet our readers would love this!”

And that’s what today’s article is about!

Obviously we decided to throw a salon owners twist on the topic.

So without further adieu (or is it ado? I can never tell!): Here are 15 statements that separate a successful salon owner from an average one…

Oh and we have a great little print out at the end to help you set a high bar in terms of attitude for your team. Enjoy!


1. Cheap salons are ruining the industry.

2. I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it for the art.

3. I’m going to spend money to buy the latest equipment.

4. It’s impossible to make money in this profession.

5. Clients simply don’t see my worth.

6. I hate selling.

7. My clients come here to see me, not my team.

8. Clients would never spend that amount of money.

9. I need to discount in order to get clients in.

10. I am up until 2 am working on my business.

11. You can’t make the same amount of money in the salon industry that you could 15 years ago.

12. We are in a recession right now.

13. All the salon owners I know say business is down.

14. I just hope I can last a little bit longer in business until I retire.

15. I don’t trust anyone in my business but me.



1. I run my salon as a business.

2. I spend my money carefully on marketing that brings in clients.

3. I provide so much more than a service – that’s why why cheaper salons don’t affect me.

4. The hair and beauty business is one of the best kept secrets there is.

5. I carefully brand myself in a very calculated way which helps me command top dollar.

6. I never let any client leave my salon unless they have been cared for in the most exquisite way. My clients understand and respect me more because of it.

7. Because I make an amazing living, I can afford to enjoy my love of hair and beauty outside of work and on vacations all over the world.

8. I assume 100% responsibility for my failures as well as my success.

9. My work immediately communicates professionalism.

10. I feel passionate about my work and relish the opportunity to show it.

11. I hire top specialists in my area to assist me in my salon so I can spend time expanding my business and taking it to the next level.

12. With all the new technologies, there has never been an easier time to make money in my industry.

13. Recessions provide great opportunities to get cheaper supplies, find talent and work on lowering costs in my salon.

14. I surround myself with positive and successful individuals. That’s why I ONLY hire people who are better than me.

15. I want to make as much as I can from my profession to provide an amazing life for my family and to be able to make a difference by donating to worthy causes. The world is a better place because of my success and the fabulous work I provide my clients


What a big difference right? Not to go all philosophical, but your perspective of the worth of you and your business is ultimately what gives people the confidence to not benchmark themselves against different business owners, but to lead from the front.


Now For Your Team…

Just right click on the image below and hit ‘save as’. Now print it off and stick it up on the wall in your back room. Maybe even pull the team together and ask them what they think.



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