Mind Your Manners!

Social media is a process of give and take especially on Twitter. Share other people’s content and thank people for sharing yours. They will remember that you shared their information, will follow you in return and then are more likely to share your information. Take part in Twitter activities such as Friday follow #FF and as you recommend other people to follow they will do the same for you.

Mind Your Manners!

When clients post on your Facebook page, thank them for posting and for taking the time to contact you. If you respond timely and politely this will reflect well on your business and will encourage others to get in contact.

Phorest run bespoke Twitter and Facebook sessions which go over everything you need to know about managing a salon’s social media presence.

Gary Tuohy is a training expert at Phorest. His speciality is in Online and SMS training. If you would like to contact him please email gary.tuohy@phorest.com

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