Your Salon New Years Eve Marketing Toolkit

One of the biggest nights of the year is right around the corner. Now is a great time to ensure that people think of your place when they need to look their very best. Here are a few salon new years eve marketing ideas that will help drive clients through your doors for the big end of the year celebration!

Salon New Years Eve Selfie Contest

Looking to get a little more client interaction to round out the year? Why not have a Selfie competition? Have clients send in their New Year’s Eve look to your social media site… Maybe use a hashtag with your salon name. Something like #UpperCutsNYE or so.

You could even link if with the Phorest #SalonSelfie feature and have clients promote your work at the same time!

Oh, here’s a little fun twist on the selfie contest… Instead of just asking for a selfie, how about you give a cute little salon New Years Eve novelty hat to each of your clients. Something that will encourage them to take a selfie even more.

Click here for more #SalonSelfie marketing ideas.

Combine these ideas with your TreatCard system for even more incentives.


Salon New Years Eve Resolutions

No New Years Eve party can go without the obligatory resolutions conversation, right? Now whether or not people actually keep to their word is another thing…

But how about we take this popular conversation and put a little twist on it? How about you share your salon new year’s resolutions with your clients. Real ones I mean.  Here is a couple of examples you can use for social media or SMS etc.:

1. This year is going to be all about YOU! You can now book your next appointment any time you’d like, 24/7 by downloading our salon app!

2. You are going to be rewarded for your loyalty. Get your TreatCard at your next appointment and you can build points to receive a brand new service you’ve never had FOR FREE!

3. How you feel and look is TOP Priority for us! So we will strive to ensure that you maintain your new look for as long as possible! Follow us on Facebook for exclusive tips and advice on how to stay beautiful and feel great in between appointments!

Oh and here is your Top 7 New Years Resolutions for your own salon to put into action for the new year.

Social Media Salon New Years Eve Marketing

Why not use some of these graphics on your social pages for your salon new years eve marketing:





Salon New Years SMS Templates

And finally, here are some salon New Years Eve SMS templates that you can send to your clients:

<<clientfirstname>>,Go glamorous with <salonname>! FREE hair jewel & GHD curls with your Cut&Style this week! Book now<<link>> Stop 07624801416

<<clientfirstname>>, Glam up for New Year’s Eve @salonname! FREE Manicure with your Cut&Blowdry! Grab your appt. online<<link>> OptOut:07624801416

<<clientfirstname>>, Start the New Year looking FAB! FREE nail art of choice with your mani this week @salonname! Click<<link>> OptOut:07624801416

<<clientfirstname>>, NYE shall be a night to remember :)check out <<salonname>> PARTY IN STYLE packages<<link>> limited spaces!OptOut:07624801416

Hi <<clientfirstname>>, 2016 is your year to sparkle! Start it right with our party package deals here<<link>> <<salonname>> OptOut:07624801416

If you’d like help with your SMS Templates or even turn on your SMS feature on the Phorest System, Louise from our Grow Team would love to help out! Click here.

And there you go… Your salon New Years Eve marketing kit is all set! Hope that helps guys.

As always, thanks for reading!