Lifestyle Recruiting: Building A Salon Team That Helps You Scale

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Tips for running and growing a successful salon

There’s nothing easy about growing a business; it takes hard work, grit and determination.


One thing is for sure, you cannot do it alone – you need a team of like minded A Players by your side who can help scale your business vision.


In this session, Ronit Enos will take you through your staff’s journey from their perspective and experience, discuss the importance of investing time in a proactive recruitment system, the steps you need to take to identify and attract your ideal candidates, as well as how to develop and retain them.


More specifically:

  • Learn why some of your staff are not 100% buying into your vision and why salons lose team members to other salons
  • Understand what things are different in today’s context, and what you can do to perform strongly
  • How to leverage the power of lifestyle recruitment and reach the top 5% of the most profitable salons


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