This vs. That: A Leadership Conversation With Jay Williams & Guests

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The thinking and choices we make as leaders

Jay Williams’s most recent book, This vs. That, is a fantastic tool for every leader regardless of their level of experience. The individual chapters explain how to make better choices for your business, organization, and people. Taken as a whole, it provides a complete philosophy of leadership that will raise your game. Learn to have conversations that are shorter, more productive, and more energizing.


This conversation between Jay Williams (author of This vs. That, speaker and consultant), Josh Hafetz (President of Art of Business), and Zoé Bélisle-Springer (Community & Content Manager), will better equip you to understand the thinking and skills leaders need to convert common sense to common practice.


More specifically, the following concepts will be discussed:

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Pivot vs. Persevere
  • Respond vs. React
  • Feedback vs. Criticism


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