Imagine surfing on the crest of innovation in a 100 BILLION EURO industry with one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies? Well, you can make your dream a reality. We’re looking for hard-working ambitious people, who love a fast-paced always-on environment.

The opportunity:

We regularly have opportunities in Ireland, the UK, Finland and the United States on an ongoing basis and we have clients in over 10 countries.

We have a BHAG – a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. We want 25% of all the salons worldwide to be using Phorest Salon Software in the coming years. That’s one million salons and it would make Phorest a billion dollar company.

Joining Phorest now means that you are joining a small team that have their sights set globally. Think about it like this – do you want to be the guy or girl that joins a huge company working 25 years trying to get up through the ranks, or be the person that’s there at the start and can make the bold and true claim that they were a key player in building a global success