The Irish Salon Owners Guide to Tipping Laws, Tax and Compliance

All the information you need about the Payment of Wages (Amendment) (Tips and Gratuities) Act, and the pros and cons of all the compliance options available to you.

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Is your salon compliant with Ireland's tipping laws?

Tipping legislation came into effect in Ireland at the end of 2022, but our research shows that 41% of Irish salons are still unaware of the legislation, and 62% of Irish salons have not made any changes to ensure they are compliant. In this ebook we’ll break down what is involved in the legislation, the tax implications for salon and spa owners and staff, and how you can make sure your business is compliant.


  • Get the facts about The Act
  • All the compliance options available
  • The pros and cons for you and your team
  • Some good news from Phorest to keep things simple for your salon

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