One of the bedrocks of Phorest Salon Software is customer care. We understand that even after our comprehensive and accessible training programme, there will be some areas that clients would like more assistance with. That is why we have put together a team of dedicated professionals that are eager to provide insight and help into any query. No question is too small or out of place when it comes to ensuring that our client’s business is profiting like never before. The Phorest Support Team will be there with you every step of your salon’s journey.

We have even created an easy-to-follow FAQ section for your convenience as well.


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Auto-update stock levels and request new deliveries with one touch. Take payments on credit card and cash.

Streamline staff rostering; learn what clients think of your team; and get over 90 reports from commission, to product sales, to staff performance delivered to your phone.

Manage appointments and view reports on Phorest GO; get clients booking through your salon-branded app plus Showcase your services and team, and create a gallery of your styles or products.

Your Internet connection is highly unlikely to go down.

If it happens, you will be able to log onto the Phorest Go app from your phone or tablet using your mobile data. You will be able to see your columns, make appointments as well as check your clients in and out and take payments.

You could also tether your data by using a personal hotspot on your mobile device and use your Phorest Salon Software on the computer as normal.

If mobile data is not available to you, you will be able to call Phorest Support and we will inform you of the appointments you have booked in on the day.

Get full training before go-live plus continuous free online training whenever you want; round-the-clock award-winning support and free ebooks, blogs and podcasts chock-block full of ideas to grow your salon!

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