PhorestTips: Integrated cashless tipping for salons and spas

Coming Soon: Seamless card tips, without the extra costs, admin or QR code chaos

Make tipping a seamless part of your checkout journey with PhorestTips. No QR code drama for your clients, no extra payroll admin for you, and more tips for your staff. It’s a win-win-win!

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How it works

No more QR Code Chaos for your Clients

One seamless transaction for payment and tip

No QR code clutter at your front desk for tipping apps, and no double transactions for your clients – just one easy checkout journey.

Simple Tipping Prompts

Even on cardless transactions!

Automatically & Fairly Split Tips Between Service Providers

No more arguments about splitting tips

Tips Are Instantly Paid to Employees

Employees are notified as soon as their client leaves a tip

Why your employees will love it!

25% More Tips!

No cash? No problem! Card tips are accepted here!

Our research shows salons take in 25% more tips by using the tipping prompt on our PhorestPay Card Terminal. Make sure your employees are making as much money as possible!

Instant Access to Card Tips

Their new favourite notification on PhorestGo!

Works For Direct Employees and Self-Employed Staff

Seamless tips no matter how your salon is structured

Tipping Insights

Staff can track their tips with their own tipping report

Why you'll love it!

No More Tip Admin

Tips bypass your business account entirely

Tips are sent fairly, automatically and instantly to the service provider(s) who worked on the client, while the payment for the service is sent to your business, meaning you won’t need to worry about extra tipping admin in your payroll.

No Hidden Fees

Transaction fees are covered by your customers

Money Saving Benefits

No extra fees for tipping apps

We hate to brag but... people really like what we do

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