Accounting & Reports

There are many reasons why salon owners have taken the courageous leap and opened their own business.

It may be to deliver exceptional service to loyal customers. It may be to help their community look good and feel fantastic.Whichever one you identify with, can we agree that managing paperwork, filing taxes and organising your bookkeeping isn’t too high on the list? 😉

We have good news: Phorest Salon Account Software can help!

Accounting Software For Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists and Spa Professionals


Ensure that your team and your business are on the same page by creating a fully-developed commission strategy – Flat rate or Tiered.

Phorest Beauty And Hair Salon Accounting Software also has a complete Payroll integration – Breaking down hours worked, sick days taken, annual leave as well as service and retail commission.

With Point of Sale integration, organise your till float, petty cash & all your transactions from one place!

Stay up-to-date with your business needs by running instant, comprehensive accounting, financial and staff performance reports.

Track all of your sales and stock and automate inventory orders with Inventory Management Integration

Guarantee that your financial information is safe and secure by setting access levels for all team members.


Having a stable accounting and finance strategy in place is absolutely vital for your salon’s success. So make sure you give yourself the best tools possible to ensure this!


FAQ: Does Phorest Salon Software integrate with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks?


Phorest Salon Software doesn’t currently offer full two-way integration with Quickbooks and Xero. However, there are some options and workarounds open to you in order to use them with Phorest Salon Software.



It is possible to export data from Phorest Salon Software and import it into your accounting software and vice versa. To export a report from Phorest, simply follow these steps.


Phorest Salon Software does offer an API that will allow you to access your accounting data within Phorest, and your Phorest POS and sales data within your accounting software. With your developer’s assistance, you can use the Phorest API to allow your salon software and your accounting software to ‘talk to each other’ and share data between the programs.


We are aware that seamless integration with accounting software is something that our customers are looking for, and it is something that will help you to run your salon business more smoothly, so we are actively working on this feature at the moment. We expect to be able to offer this function to new and existing customers in the coming months. Watch this space – we’ll keep you posted!

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