Management, POS and Appointment Scheduling Software designed for Hairdressers

Every feature of Phorest Salon Software is designed with the intricacies of running a hair salon on mind.

There is no better time than now to take your client retention strategy to the next level. Meet the hair industry’s most effective hairdressing salon software ever.


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Why Phorest?

With Phorest, you can store all of your client records securely on the cloud, let customers book hair appointments online 24/7, while relieving the stress and strain of managing and marketing your hair salon, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the clients in the chair.

Get New Clients

Manage your online reputation and get hundreds of 5* reviews for your hair salon. Increase your Google rankings and implement a referral program

Increase Retention

Obliterate no-shows; reward loyal clients with treats; take bookings 24/7, even when your hair salon is closed!

Increase Spend

Reward clients with targeted products or services they have never had before and get over 30% buying it second-time around

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Phorest Cloud Spa & Salon Management Software

Take Your Hair Salon Management Game To A Whole New Level

There is no better time than now to take your client retention strategy to the next level. Meet the hair industry’s most effective hairdressing salon software ever.

This cloud-based hairdressing appointment software is designed to keep your client’s records safe and secure, while also removing the stress of marketing and managing your business. We are here so you can focus on what matters most: making people look great and feel fantastic! Phorest hair salon software includes these intuitive features:

Salon Management Software for iPad

Your Hair Salon Marketing Suite

This hair salon booking system also packs some of the most effective, easy-to-use marketing features available.

  • Get Them Back In Spending More, More Often: Reach your clients directly with SMS & Email marketing. We even provide you with qualified, tested marketing templates.
  • Client ReConnect: A first for our industry! Client ReConnect identifies clients based on when they are due to come back in and actively encourages them to make another appointment.
  • The TreatCard: It’s time you started using the most effective hair salon loyalty program on the market, The TreatCard. which has been proven to not only deliver repeat business but also to raise the average client spend by 30%.
  • Be Found On Google: In an ideal world, a potential client would search for a hair salon on Google and your business would appears. With our new Online Reputation feature, this doesn’t just have to be a fantasy! By automatically gathering five-star reviews online, your chances of being number one are now a reality.
  • Your Own Hair Salon Marketing Team: Meet The Grow Team. Dedicated to helping you become the hair salon you’ve always dreamed of. No hair salon marketing ideas is too small for your Grow Team!
Phorest Cloud Spa & Salon Management Software

Your New Hair Salon Management Software Features

Your search for the right hair salon pos software may be over. Let us show you:

  • Walk-In Friendly: Whether it’s from the reception desk or even from the floor, you can now book and rebook customers directly from your Phorest Go hair appointment app on your pad, tablet or smartphone.
  • Take bookings 24/7 (Even when you are asleep!): With Phorest’s online hair salon appointment scheduler, clients can book their next appointment with you, anytime, 24/7, at the touch of a button! Your days of missing an online opportunity are over.
  • Just The Facts, Ma’am: Instant financial, staff, client and product reports ensure that you will always be on top of your businesses needs
  • Grow On The Go: We know your to-do list never ends! So if you are in work, at home or on the road, you now have the ability to run your business straight from your Phorest Go Hair Salon App.

With the Phorest Go Hair Salon App, you can:

  • Lightning quick access to your appointment screen
  • Rebook clients from where ever you (or they) may be
  • Edit and review staff roster straight from your hairdressing app
  • Create and collect beautiful ‘Before and After’ photographs of your clients. You can then share them with the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  • The industry’s most secure hair salon CRM features – safe-guard your client’s contact details and keep track of their preferences in the notes section of their client card
  • Cash-up from the app

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Take the pain out of managing and marketing your barber shop. Get in touch with one of our helpful advisors today and let’s see if Phorest Barber Booking Software is the right fit for your business