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How Zazou uses Phorest Ads Manager to increase bookings, boost online presence, & make marketing campaigns that work

Based in Canada, Zazou Salon & Academy is a multi-location hair salon and academy dedicated to providing an “exceptional experience” to its clients. Using Phorest Ads Manager, they’ve transformed their marketing strategy and supercharged ROI. 

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welcome-quote We have boosted various posts on Facebook and Instagram over the years and have done numerous Google Ad campaigns… However, it was always very difficult to know how effective the campaigns were… Now [using Phorest Ads] we can better determine our ROI for our online marketing campaigns. I honestly think this is such a game changer for the salon industry
  • Janine

    Brand & Business Development Lead, Zazou Hair Salon & Academy

On average across their campaigns, Zazou Experienced:

$20.71 made for every $1 spent

25,000+ ad views per campaign

+1971% ROI

How Effective is Traditional Social Media Advertising for Salons?

As a popular Canadian salon with a strong online presence, Zazou Hair Salon & Academy was no stranger to social media advertising, having previously experimented with Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Google advertising before implementing Phorest Ads Manager.


While these campaigns increased engagement, website traffic, and online conversions, tracking their impact on in-salon bookings remained challenging. It was impossilbe to determine if online and in-salon bookings were influenced by the ads.


Janine explains; “Although we saw an increase in online traffic and conversion rates, we could never completely confirm if the campaigns were impactful… We always needed to make a best guess of what the ROI on these campaigns was. If we saw an increase in our numbers, that could have been due to all the other marketing strategies we had been doing at the same time.”


Despite substantial investment, the Zazou team lacked clear information on the after-effects of online ads, hindering accurate tracking of advertising impact.

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Where Phorest Ads Manager Differs

Phorest Ads Manager revolutionized Zazou’s paid advertising efforts by providing more accurate insights throughout the entire client experience; something that is essential in a service-based business. Unlike other platforms, Phorest Ads Manager understands the target audience and tracks all post-ad behaviors, whether appointments are made online, over the phone, or in person. This valuable data, which is impossible to track with other ad platforms, became a key benefit for the Zazou team, as Janine explains.


“Phorest Ads allows us to target either new guests, existing guests, or guests who have not returned to us. Throughout the campaign, we’re able to see the cost per booking and how much service revenue is [going to be deposited]. Now, we can better determine what our ROI is for our online marketing campaigns.”


To Put This Into Perspective…

One of Zazou’s most successful ads ran for 28 days on Facebook & Instagram, targeting new clients and offering them a simple incentive to book an appointment in the salon.


Here’s how it performed:


  • For every $1 the salon spent, they made $27.42 back
  • The ad resulted in over 100 new clients booking in
  • The ad was viewed over 16,000 times


From this one ad campaign, Zazou generated a massive 2642% ROI.

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Understanding Marketing ROI Is Your Salon’s Superpower

In the face of rising business costs, understanding the effectiveness of marketing efforts becomes crucial. For salons like Zazou, allocating budgets wisely is more important than ever. Janine highlights the need for this clarity, stating, “We really need to know that the money we’re investing in marketing is benefitting the business and that we’re spending the budget in the right places.” With Phorest Ads Manager, Janine noticed that budgeting her marketing plan became easier than ever. 


In a single ad campaign, lasting 10 days, Zazou experienced…

  • 100+ new bookings
  • 9118% ROI
  • 6000+ ad views 


Phorest Ads Manager offers real-time, in-depth reporting, allowing salons to accurately track and budget their paid ad campaigns in detail or at a glance. This flexibility enables instant tweaking and refining of advertisements to ensure healthy ROI and reduced expenses. Unlike the complexities of Meta’s back-end, Phorest Ads Manager simplifies the process of creating, monitoring, and managing paid ads, making it an accessible tool even for non-marketing experts.

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Top-Class Support is Always Available

Phorest Ads Manager’s implementation brought more than just financial benefits to Zazou Hair Salon & Academy; its user-friendly interface impressed the team. As well as this, the level of support provided during ad setup and management was a huge selling-point for the Zazou team.


Janine emphasises, “It’s super user-friendly and easy to set up. Phorest takes away a lot of the guesswork that can feel overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with the Meta Business Suite. The support team has been responsive, guiding me on metrics, budgeting, and ad setup.”


Having an experienced support team alongside them, the Zazou Hair Salon & Academy team fully understands their social media campaigns’ performance and can optimise them for continuous improvement. Moreover, the Phorest team’s assistance in creating visually appealing and engaging ad content has elevated the salon and academy’s online presence, allowing them to stand out from the competition online.

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Speaking of Online Benefits…

In such a digital-first world, social media ad campaigns are vital if you want your business to succeed, which was an unexpected advantage of the tool for Zazou, explains Janine.


 “With online bookings, and online being one of the top ways guests are finding out about us, it’s even more important to have a strong presence online to continue to grow and support our team. I think it [Phorest Ads Manager] helps to set us apart and allows us to share our story with our community much more successfully.” 


In just a few months, Janine’s ads have been viewed by over 26,000 people, with that number growing every day.


From cost-effective marketing to precise data tracking, Phorest Ads offers more than just financial benefits. It empowers Zazou Hair Salon & Academy with a robust online presence and the reassurance of a dedicated support team, making them an unstoppable force in the online marketing landscape.


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