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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas For Your Salon

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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas For Your Salon

It might be T-minus 7 days before Valentine’s Day, that still leaves you ample time to put together a few campaigns. Once again, it’s all to your benefit, given how popular the holiday is in the land of hair and beauty. Get customers through your doors by providing value through your offers, and remember that value isn’t necessarily a discount. Your added value can be something as simple as a gift basket, a complimentary product, or a complimentary add-on service which will introduce clients to things they can buy in the future! Here are some of our top last-minute Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to get you started.

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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas For Salons & Spas

Promotion #1

Men can be your best customers this holiday, but a lot of them need some subtle reminding…! Promote gift cards to men with slogans such as “Chocolate is nice… But she’d rather have this.” Make sure they think they are getting value for their money. And if you want to really push the voucher idea, go a step further by offering a complimentary Valentine’s Day gift basket with any £100 gift card purchase. Mind you, make sure you’re not out of pocket with this offer and fill the gift basket with product samples (ask your suppliers). Make this offer obvious to men by placing promotional flyers in places where they’d typically hang out like the gym a local pub.

Promotion #2

Plan a “Sultry Sweethearts” day at the salon the weekend before Valentine’s Day for which you’d sell all-inclusive passes. This means food, chocolate, drinks, a single rose for each client, and pure relaxation. We suggest that the pass could include: their choice of a spa pedicure or manicure, deep condition, scalp massage, scalp treatment or basic hairstyle. You can even advertise the salon being closed for the all-inclusive event. Don’t hesitate to promote the event to both men and women – this is not something anyone would want to miss out on!

Listen to episode 14 of the Phorest FM podcast for some tips on hosting salon events & advice from Valerie Delforge for when two of your staff are dating… After all, it is the season of love for many!

Promotion #3

Host and promote a “Sweet & Single” night at the salon. Unlike the all-inclusive event above, this can be a way to target those single ladies of your salon. Think of it (and advertise it) like a girls-only night. Have them come in wearing their comfortable clothes and invite them to bring their friends. You can still provide a relaxing environment but focus on a less romantic ambience and more on a self-care/nourishing one.

Promotion #4

Get in touch with your local florist and decide on a ‘product + services’ promotion offered at their business. You can do it in a way that every purchase of £/€/$ xx + at the florist receives a £/€/$5 voucher to visit your salon, or you could also manage it in the way that it becomes a giveaway. For instance, for every purchase of £/€/$ xx + at the florist, you get a chance to win a £/€/$ xx voucher at the salon. When you give away vouchers like that, one trick is to give almost enough for a free treatment, but not quite. This way, when the voucher is redeemed, you still make some money and then can incentivise the new client to get your loyalty card and start accumulating points!

As for the “how,” you can leave entry forms and a bowl on the local florist’s counter. To nurture and solidify your relationship with that business, you can even offer the owner a free hair colour service or a free facial if you wished. Cross-promotion is great for attracting new clients.

Download an Email Template for Reaching Out To Local Businesses For Collaborations – just fill in the form and we’ll email it to you!

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in extra revenue – even with the most straightforward Valentine’s Day promotion ideas. Be creative and give plenty of added value to the client. This can be an excellent opportunity to bring in new clients and pamper your existing clients all the while increasing that till float.

We also released a Mardi Gras & Valentine’s Day marketing toolkit the other day; make sure you download that too!

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This post was originally published in February 2013 and has been updated for accuracy, comprehensiveness and relevancy.

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