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Hop Ahead Of Competitors With These April Salon Marketing Ideas

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Hop Ahead Of Competitors With These April Salon Marketing Ideas

With Spring knocking at our doors over in the UK and Ireland – I’m sorry for all you fellow US and Canadians readers, Mother Nature seems to be giving you a never-ending winter – we thought we could help plan your next promotional campaigns. Though the primary focus is set around Easter, we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket (get it?) and broadened our ideas to other special days. So without further ado, your April salon marketing ideas!


April Salon Marketing Ideas To ReConnect With Your Clients

Often enough, winter causes for many to ‘hibernate.’ So how do you reconnect with these customers? Perhaps you’ve been trying to attract new customers in the past few months. That’s all good and well, but retaining a client costs 5x less than trying to get a new one. The following April salon marketing ideas focus on reaching out to those who haven’t shown face in a little while! After all, the weather is starting to look nicer; it’s the perfect time to refresh a look or to simply book some ‘me time.’

april salon marketing ideas

World Health Day | April 7th

On Social Media

Create A Quiz (you can do this with Qzzr): Increase interaction on your Facebook page with a quiz on the theme of health importance! If people get poor habits results, suggest they take a half day to treat themselves soon. A little self-promotion can’t hurt, right?

Product Samples Giveaway: You could also run a giveaway on social media to once again, boost engagement on your Facebook page. Make the contest look appealing with easy-on-the-eye graphics and a fabulous prize and watch the submissions roll in!

Special Promotions

‘Me Time’ Pamper Packages: Use this special day to your advantage. Create and market special ‘me time’ packages, because like they say: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”… Go for the treat yourself angle and promote your packages through email, SMS and on social media. If you want to use redeem codes, perhaps go for something easy to remember such as ‘HEALTHDAY’.

april salon marketing ideas

Easter Weekend 

On Social Media

Greetings & Promotions: This is about brand awareness! Put yourself out there and advertise your promotions in advance to allow people time to book in with you. Or, say thanks to your customers and simply post inspirational graphics to your social channels.

On Your Salon’s Premises

Basket Bundles: Attention grabbing, baskets are an easy way to sell more retail over the weekend. Perhaps you can even add a few Easter eggs in there and provide gift packaging for those who’d like it.

Charity Food Trade-In: For many, Easter is a time to be thankful for sacrifices made by peers. Why not organise a food trade-in in your salon over the weekend? In return, you can give out extra loyalty points or perhaps a unique sample basket.

SMS & Email Marketing

Competition: If you wanted to host a contest through SMS or email, you could go for something like “Egg Play on Easter Day” and have people answer trivia questions for extra loyalty points or a complimentary treatment.

Newsletter Promotions & Announcements: You’ve worked hard on your Easter planning. It would be a shame you didn’t share your offerings with your clients. Don’t forget to send a newsletter to your email database. And, if you download the toolkit at the end of this post, you’ll find 15 Easter-related subject lines!


‘Easter Egg’ Postcards: If you want to do something special for your best referral clients, perhaps send a handwritten postcard with a too-sweet-to-miss-out-on offer sent to their house. It’s a lovely little touch, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this for your entire database! The key here is targeting.

If you’re a Phorest client and you’d like some assistance bringing your April salon marketing ideas to life with SMS & Email messages, send an email to our Grow team:!

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april salon marketing ideas

Mother Earth Day | April 22nd

On Social Media

Advertise With Graphics: No matter what you do, social media is always a good way to get the word out there. So if you’re planning something for Earth Day this year, spread the word with graphics!

On Your Salon’s Premises

Donate To The Earth: Requiring little to no preparation, put a donation jar at your reception desk and invite clients to put a few coins in for our planet. Perhaps you could have this initiative running for a week or two and set up an online donation link as well. Give the collected money to a local organisation helping the cause.

No Paper Receipt Day: The 3R’s they say. Encourage your customers to receive their salon/spa receipt by email going forward and take advantage of Mother Earth Day to increase sign ups! By taking action first to reduce waste and save trees, your clients will be more inclined to follow your example.

Simple April Salon Marketing Ideas To Increase Loyalty And Engagement

april salon marketing ideas

Connect On Social Media

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that social media was never meant to be a one-way conversation. Interact and follow the 80/20 rule:

> 80% of your posts = not a sales pitch

> 20% of your posts = pitches for your product or a special offer, etc.

When someone connects with you, and you have some time on your hands, have a quick look at their profile. Try to understand who follows you and what their interests are. A personal use of social media is usually spontaneous. However, when you’re trying to generate business, the key is planning, planning, oh and… planning.

Here are few tips to help you vary your content and increase engagement across each and every of your social media channels:

> Ask fun questions, be current, create a space for discussion

> Post a poll

> Post videos, tutorials, setup Q&A’s

> Post facts and inspirational quotes

> Share your knowledge

> Use photos

> Use hashtags to reach more people, but also to start conversations

> Interact with your fans

> Share the love your clients give you (reviews, etc)


april salon marketing ideas

Let Customers Know You Have A Loyalty Scheme

More often than not, your clients won’t even be aware you have a loyalty scheme set up in your salon. Either that or they don’t know what they’re cumulating and what they can get from you in return for their loyalty. One of the best ways to advertise your program isn’t through local advertising, but instead right there and then at your front of house!

For more on this, tune into this PhorestFM episode (from 7:05 min) during which Head of Phorest Grow Team Barry Quinn talks about how to build a successful loyalty program in your business.


Phorest Can Help!

Client retention is defined by “the percentage of customers who were active in your business at the beginning of the year and that are still doing business with you by the end of the year.” This goes to say that taking good care of your most loyal clients plays a great role in staying profitable. Phorest has a range of client management and client retention tools designed to help your salon business grow.

Not a Phorest client? Request a demo of our software today and see how Phorest Salon Software can help you get your customers back in for good!

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