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Spring Marketing Ideas for Your Salon, Clinic, or Spa

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Spring Marketing Ideas for Your Salon, Clinic, or Spa

With the long winter months finally over in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry, Aussie & Kiwi friends!), now is the perfect time to refresh, rejuvenate, and rethink your salon business’ spring marketing ideas. For many businesses, Easter promotions are their main focus, however, we recommend you don’t put your eggs in one basket (ahem…), and broaden your marketing efforts to make them work for you throughout the season. Here’s how!

Bring Clients Out of Hibernation With an Invitation to Reconnect

Many clients tend to reduce their visits to the salon or spa in winter, with cold weather and post-Christmas financial stress contributing to this. Make the most of the changing seasons by intentionally inviting your clients back in, reminding them of the importance of self-care with a themed SMS or email marketing campaign sent from your salon software system. 

Interested in bringing back clients that haven’t visited in a longer period of time? Use Phorest’s Client Reconnect to identify lapsed clients (who haven’t rebooked in their usual timeframe) and send them a personalized SMS telling them you miss them and inviting them back in with a Springtime special offer.

Pssst: Looking for inspiration for your next campaign? Phorest’s marketing suite has a range of customizable, spring-themed SMS and email templates for all goals and occasions! 

Host a Spring-Themed Workshop or Event to Entice New Clients In

Eager to attract new clients to your business? Why not advertise a themed workshop, masterclass, or event to garner some hype? The start of the new season generally marks a time when people are most likely to change up their look; whether that’s their hairstyle, makeup products, or skincare routine. Make use of your team’s expertise by hosting a spring-themed event designed specifically to help people achieve their self-care and beauty goals at home, in between trips to the salon.

Some simple ideas for these kinds of events include;

  • Hosting a “spring makeup essentials” or “spring hairstyling” masterclass
  • Inviting a hair/beauty influencer into the salon/spa to host a masterclass in their area of  expertise, and provide attendees with goody bags 
  • An exclusive look at your salon/spa’s newest products, with early access for attendees to purchase
  • A skincare demo focused on skincare practices that help protect the skin against changing temperatures and weather conditions
  • A “spring teaser” event, offering attendees the chance to try out the latest services in your salon or spa

When hosting an event or workshop, make sure to encourage attendees to post on social media, book future appointments while they’re there, and advertise the products you have available to fill your appointment book and generate as much revenue as possible. 

Create Spring-Specific Packages for Clients to Enjoy

As simple as it sounds, creating seasonal packages can be a great way to encourage clients new and old back into your salon or spa. When designing these packages, focus on spring-related themes by including nature-inspired products, rejuvenating treatments, and refreshing accompaniments like seasonal fruit juices in your offering.

Better still, weave spring-specific events into your package offering, designing Mother’s Day and Easter packages for clients to avail of during these times of year. Package deals are a win-win for you and your clients; they get more bang for their buck and can try out new services, while you receive more bookings and introduce clients to new treatments they could love enough to rebook at full price in the future!

Learn how to create packages in your Phorest system and offer them to book online here.

Make Spring the Time You Start Giving Back

With twice as many people saying that they’re more likely to purchase from a purpose-driven brand than one that doesn’t work toward the common good, it’s never been more important for your salon or spa to make a positive change. By partnering with local charities or groups, you contribute to important causes and build a positive brand image that resonates with clients and can attract new ones to your door. 

This spring, why not host fundraising events, donate a portion of proceeds from select services to a charity of your choice, or offer complimentary treatments to those in need? These acts of generosity not only enrich the lives of others but also create a sense of purpose and fulfilment for your team and business as a whole.

By aligning with causes that are meaningful to your clientele, you have the opportunity to foster deeper connections with your community while sowing the seeds of positive change both inside and outside the salon or spa.

Create Seasonal Gift Card Promotions

Many businesses miss out on opportunities to promote their gift cards by limiting their advertisements to major holidays only, like Christmas. This springtime, why not promote your gift cards as the ideal Mother’s Day or Easter gifts? 

A tip when promoting gift cards like this is to remember that you’re not necessarily advertising them to your existing clients, but rather to their families or friends. To maximize your reach, create and publish social media ads that target non-clients, marketing to people who may not necessarily be thinking of your business as one to spend their money in this season.

As well as boosting your gift card sales, running ads like this can be fantastic for attracting new clients and building your online brand. 

Make Your Salon Spring-Ready With Seasonal Decor

This springtime, rejuvenating your salon’s look by adding a pop of seasonal decor can be a game changer for attracting new clients. Incorporating cute and sustainable nature-inspired decorations doesn’t just brighten up your space, but also attracts attention for all the right reasons! To keep things sustainable, opt for potted plants and fresh, seasonal flowers that bring the outdoors in, or have some fun by getting your team to hand-craft decorations from natural materials like wood, dried plants, or pebbles. By infusing your business with springtime flair, but doing it in an eco-friendly manner, you not only create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients but also contribute to a greener future for all.

Stay marketing savvy all year round

No matter what time of year, celebration, or promotion you’re advertising in your business, there are a few best practices you should adhere to when it comes to digital marketing:

Define Your Goals: Clearly outlining your marketing objectives is crucial for success. Do you want to increase bookings? Encourage existing clients to spend more money while visiting? Boost brand awareness? Drive retail sales? Ensure your efforts are focused and measurable so that your marketing efforts can be designed for success.

Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool: Social media can help you build your brand, engage clients, and attract new customers to your business. Keep your channels updated and make use of social media ads using Phorest Ads Manager to start building revenue from your social media. 

Be Clear & Concise in Your Messaging: Communicate your unique value proposition and key offerings succinctly across all marketing channels to capture attention and convey professionalism. With so many similar businesses creating similar marketing campaigns, it’s important to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Add Simple CTAs: Incorporate clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) in all your marketing materials, directing clients to take specific actions such as booking appointments via your online booking platform, purchasing products on your online store, or contacting the salon directly.

Track Your Results: Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and initiatives to assess their effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize ROI. This can be done through Phorest’s marketing suite, reporting functionalities, and Ads Manager tools. 

How will you market your business this springtime? 

Whether your goal is to increase revenue, attract new clients, or simply try something new going into this new season, we hope this blog has helped empower you to start marketing your business like a pro! 

Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram @phorestsalonsoftware what marketing tips you’ll be implementing this spring.

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