Phorest FM Episode 105: Ronan Perceval & Nuala Maguire On How Rebooking SMS Prompts Help Retain An Extra 6% Clients

Rebooking has a massive impact on salons and spas’ client loyalty. Unfortunately, not every client is always ready to pencil in a new appointment while they’re at the til. More even, it can be challenging to get your staff in the habit of asking people to rebook, and well maybe you don’t have a receptionist, so you’re relying on your team when they’re busy getting ready for their next client.

Phorest’s new predictive rebooking SMS feature is geared towards clients who, based on their individual history with your salon, are due to come back to the salon soon. It’s pre-emptive: you’re offering these clients the chance to book maybe before they’ve even realised they need to. And from over 400 salons trialling this feature in February 2019, a total of €2,000 worth of rebooking SMS has been sent, resulting in over €93,000 salon revenue from the appointments booked as a result of those texts. Nearly a 50:1 return there, and on average an extra 6% clients retained against salons who hadn’t been using the feature. On the show to discuss these findings and more, Killian and Zoe are joined by Phorest CEO, Ronan Perceval, and Product Data Analyst, Nuala Maguire!


Ronan Perceval

Ronan Perceval is Phorest Salon Software‘s founder and CEO, a UK/Ireland-based salon software he created for the Hair and Beauty industry after years as a salon receptionist. He believes retaining your best clients is smarter than chasing new ones and that tech designed from direct salon feedback is crucial to its adoption and success.

Nuala Maguire

Nuala Maguire is a Product Data Analyst with Phorest Salon Software. She works with the Product & Development teams, researching and modelling data generated by over 90,000 users in 5,700 businesses in 27 countries around the world. The insights she surfaces help to make sure that we build the right features in the right way, and provide a deeper level of understanding as to how Phorest helps salon owners get their clients back in more often, spending more, and generating referrals.



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