Salon Loyalty Program Software

A Different Type Of Salon Loyalty Program that Makes a Big Difference

Salons that use Phorest Salon Software unique hair and beauty loyalty program see over a 30% rise in clients average spend.

Introducing The TreatCard: The Salon & Spa Loyalty Program With A Twist

The Phorest TreatCard has revolutionised hair and beauty loyalty schemes by providing something familiar to your clients, while also promoting a real financial benefit to your business.

In most loyalty strategies, if your client buys 9 products, they get the 10th one for free — This is standard practice for most businesses. But these brands are missing out on one big opportunity!

Stop rewarding clients with products or services that they are willing to pay for. Instead, track the spending history of your clients with your TreatCard salon loyalty app and reward them with a treatment or a product they have never tried before.

By introducing clients to new areas of your business, you radically increase the chances of them ordering the new product or service again in the future. So simple, right!?

There’s More!

Don’t fight for space in a client’s busy wallet. With the Phorest TreatCard, your clients get a key tag with YOUR business logo; a gentle daily reminder of your business for all your clients.


Let The Phorest Loyalty Program help build your business:

  • Have clients refer friends for bonus TreatCard points – increasing your client list
  • Incentivise clients to share 5-Star reviews – leveraging their enthusiasm to grow your business through word-of-mouth
  • Celebrate their birthday – You read that right. With Phorest’s loyalty program software, you can automatically send a birthday message to your clients with the gift of bonus TreatCard points, making their day and strengthening your client-business relationship all at once

Furthermore, your Salon Loyalty Program TreatCards work in conjunction with your very own salon branded app, providing for more opportunities to grow your client bond through loyalty.

The time is now to give your business a loyalty strategy that will actually make you money! And that strategy is the Phorest TreatCard.

Phorest TreatCards are included in the standard features of the Phorest Salon Software Solution, so just get in touch with one of our helpful team today to get Phorest Salon Software for your business.

Let’s Grow!