Phorest FM Episode 123: David Linde & Gayle Fulbright On Online Reputation Management & Playing Nice With Yelp!

Reviews on Facebook, Google and Yelp! can be your salon’s best friend or worst nightmare. Featuring guests Gayle Fulbright and David Linde from Headlines the Salon, this week’s episode highlights their experiences with online reputation management while also outlining tips for attracting new clients and getting existing fans to leave more reviews.

Based out of Encinitas, California, Headlines The Salon was founded in 1986. David and Gayle are strong believers in two things, specifically: education & extraordinary experiences at every visit. Headlines The Salon has been ranked as one of the top 200 salons in America for 12 years.


David Linde

David’s love for this industry began a long time ago when he was introduced to the hairdressing world at a haircutting event that a friend took him to. It was magical and artistic.

David being an artist and painter. He appreciated the creative endeavors it took to create complex pieces of art with hair so much that he went through the Apprentice Program for a whole year. Hair was not to be his vocation, as running a salon took precedence. David has been marketing and running Headlines for over 7 years, doubling the salon’s revenue and staff. He is passionate about the people in our industry and always likes to be with those who challenge him intellectually. He lives by the motto “grow yourself constantly and be the best you can be.”

Gayle Fulbright

To say Gayle loves her industry is an understatement. She became a hairdresser in 1976 and followed her passion to open her own salon in 1987. Her belief is that education has always been the key to success for Headlines.

Being recognized by Childhelp USA with the “Love of a Child” award in 2008 and having our Salon be an affiliate for Hello Gorgeous over the last 2 years, shows that our commitment to community service is one of our core values.

CEO of Headlines the Salon, Gayle also currently serves on the PBA Advisory Council and is passionate about supporting this industry.



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