Phorest FM Episode 130: Seán O’Sullivan On Setting & Managing Salon Staff Targets

While some are born to take on challenges and go for gold at every given opportunity, most people will do their best to perform but need guidance and defined goals. Despite this well-known fact, staff targets get a bad rap: they don't work, or they're too much effort to manage. Even from the employee's perspective, there's often a pushback. A shift in how to approach them can solve all of that. If what you're saying to your staff looks anything like this: "I need you to do this and reach these numbers by x, without any support whatsoever," it's no wonder things aren't working. Featuring Seán O'Sullivan (Phorest Education Manager), this week's episode focuses on all things staff targets: how to set and manage them, get employee buy-in as well as encourage team collaboration.




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