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From Instagram to your Phorest financials, we have a playbook for every one of your salon's needs.
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The Salon Owner’s First Steps To Online Reputation

The ABCs of navigating through your online reputation. Take control of how people treat, react, and review your salon business online.

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The Back in Business Playbook

Your guide to reopening strong, staying open safely, and getting your business back on track.

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The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Instagram

Take your Salon Instagram account to the next level.

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The Salon Owner’s Email Marketing Gameplan

One of the most effective ways to drive clients back through your doors, that is, once you have your plan in place!

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The Salon Success Retail Playbook

From interviews to display tips and social media advice, get the confidence you need to truly embrace the opportunity that is retail.

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The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Snapchat

Become an expert at the fastest growing social media platform ever, and drive a whole new generation of clients through your doors.

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The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook

Get the tools and knowledge to become a salon Facebook Master by following this game-changing eBook.

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The Salon Owner’s Client Retention PlayBook

Salon management and marketing strategies that are guaranteed to have your clients flooding back through your doors like never before.

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GDPR FAQ eBook for Salons

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about GDPR here.

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The Salon Owners Guide to Preparing For GDPR

Learn how to prepare your salon for GDPR and efficiently comply with stored information requests or forget requests from your clients.

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On-Demand Webinars and Videos

Grow Your Salon With Content Marketing (Minus the Breakdown)

Are you making the most of digital marketing to grow your business? Great content means more likes, more shares, more attention, more eyes on your work. Learn the basics of content marketing for salons (and how to avoid burn out) with this hourlong webinar.

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Let’s Talk Goals: Why They Often Fail & How to Fix It

Providing clear direction for your staff’s efforts is vital to keeping them motivated. Staff are more likely to be engaged when they know where they stand, and what they are working towards. Learn the ins and outs of successful goal setting in this hourlong webinar.

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How To Win In Business: The Key Numbers For Salon Success

Identify the key numbers behind every salon or spa's success, learn quick ways to keep control of them and get tips to help you take action if said numbers start heading the wrong way.

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Uplift 2021 On-Demand

Access on demand videos from Uplift! - the salon owner’s starter gun to get 2021 off to an inspiring start, with exclusive reveals of product features and interactive sessions to let you in on what’s next in salon tech.

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Boost Your Revenue: The 7 Profit Generators Your Salon Needs

Learn 7 highly effective and proven ways to get your clients to not only want to visit you more often, but also purchase extra services and products. No discounting, no hard sales.

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In High Demand: Maximising Your Reopening Opportunities & Profit

Spring forward into sustainable profit! Watch this hourlong webinar designed to help you discover ways to be fully booked for months ahead, all while completely eliminating no-shows.

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Charge Your Worth: Stop Washing Colour Cash Down The Drain

Ready to take on yet another reopening? Watch this colour discussion about what every salon owner has to consider coming out of lockdown: pricing and communicating value.

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Unleash Peak Performance: Your 5-Step Leadership Blueprint

From targets to individual development plans, watch this hourlong session designed to help you discover various tactics that will keep your team engaged throughout 2021.

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Back On Track: The Real Support & Practical Solutions To Revive Your Salon

It's time to start creating a success plan for the new world. Watch this webinar to look at the tools your salon needs to ensure that you continue to fill white space in your books, generate revenue and keep client engagement high, whatever the future holds.

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Your Salon Finance Recovery Plan Webinar

Phorest Salon Software is back with another Back In Business finance on-demand webinar! Gloria Murray, the Numbers Expert for salon owners in the UK and Ireland will show you the best way to survive and thrive. In this exclusive Phorest recorded webinar, Gloria will share some simple, straightforward and easy to apply principles to start your salon financial recovery plan including:

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Reopening Strong: Your Post-COVID-19 Salon Success Plan

Watch the on-demand webinar about your entire salon reopening strategy.  

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Life After Lockdown – A Salon Finance On-Demand Webinar

Change is coming and a new normal is on the horizon. Let's plan ahead and ensure that your numbers make sense for a successful reopening.

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Salon HR Advice For Managing the Coronavirus On-Demand Webinar

What is the best HR gameplan for salons dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus situation? That is the question that HR specialist Caroline McEnery will answer in this very special webinar.

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7 Ways to Revive your Salon Retail

Presented by acclaimed Salon 27 Owner, Amber Pope, in this webinar you'll learn 7 effective steps you can take to get your staff pumped to hit their retail targets.

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The Definitive Salon Finance Webinar: The Numbers That Matter The Most

No matter what level of success you have found in your salon, there is always room for more. And one of the most impactful places of salon growth has been right in front of you the whole time: The numbers. Presented by acclaimed Salon Finance Specialist, Gloria Murray.

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Financial Fitness – 6 Ways To Increase Profitability

Presented by acclaimed Salon Business Coach Steve Gomez, this webinar will help to better understand, track and improve your cash flow management, and identify the key performance indicators that will ensure you can increase bottom line profit!

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The Ultimate Salon Stock & Budget Webinar

Stop your inventory budget from pouring down the drain, and get key tips to enhance your stock management plan, from award-winning Educator & Creative Director of the Chumba Concepts Hair Salon, Carl Keeley.

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World-Class Three Step Salon Retail Technique Webinar

HPS Salon Business Coach, David Barnett, takes you through his proven three-step salon retail technique that has helped salons around the world smash their retail targets again and again!

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The Phorest Academy: ‘How To Create The Perfect Salon Email Marketing Strategy’

In this one hour session, we will show you exactly how you can use email marketing to drive clients back through your doors, like never before!

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The Phorest Academy: The Ultimate Salon Reception Webinar

In this 2-part series by Valerie Delforge, learn how to build a winning reception team and that will radically boost the quality of your service and increase your revenue

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Upcoming Webinars

Wellbeing Within the Salon Business: It Starts With You

Despite the wealth of productivity tools available today, time management and prioritisation often remain a struggle. When it comes to wellness, the key is finding what works for us in our personal and professional lives and approaching that process honestly and intentionally. Join this hourlong webinar to gain greater awareness of your needs and build an action plan that inspires clarity, focus and joy in your day-to-day!

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The Phorest Growth Fund

The Phorest Growth Fund is our commitment to helping salons all over the world reach their growth potential by providing a financial boost to their growth plans.

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Spring Forward: Salon Reopening Pack

Reopen stronger than ever with the right tools, resources and expert advice. Get your reopening countdown pack and stay focused on creating sustainable success for your salon business.

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Beat 2020 – Downloads

fmmfm,fmIs your salon ready to ride the #ShopLocal Trend?

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Salon Lockdown Downloads

Need help putting your strategy into place? These resources are available for any salon owners looking to look after their wellbeing, their clients and their income during additional lockdowns.

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The Salon Owners Reopening Pack

Need help putting your salon's reopening strategy into place? Download this Reopening Pack with templates and resources that will help you reopen strong.

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Back in Business

Your salon reopening toolkit is here. From email templates to Covid-specific safety features, we’re helping you get ready for your Safe, Strong and Successful reopening, one step at a time.

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The Phorest Content Round-Up 2019

Get the best of our 2019 management, business growth, retail and finance tips and advice.

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Salon & Spa Performance Benchmarks

Use our salon and spa staff performance benchmark tool to find average KPI metrics in your country.

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Salon Marketing Calendar Template

Our free Marketing Calendar template gives you marketing tips, business building ideas and campaign plans for every month of the year.

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Post Lockdown Revenue Calculator

How much revenue will your salon need with social distancing restrictions?

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Check Your Salon’s Online Health Score

Take this short survey to find out what your salon's Online Health Score is and get an individual report on how you can set your salon up for success.

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