Unleash Peak Performance: Your 5-Step Leadership Blueprint

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Grow into the leader your team needs

One of this year’s biggest challenges will be motivating staff. Motivating teams on furlough, part furlough, disengaged, bored, scared or struggling with their own mental health. Indeed, even if your staff shows real support and is keen to come back to the salon post-lockdown, that doesn’t mean things will be easy. In fact, dynamics are bound to be different.


How do you engineer performance and generate enough cash flow so 2021 can be a year of growth? The answer lies in leadership.


In this session, discover the 5-step blueprint for impactful and empowering leadership in 2021. From setting up targets to delivering focused meetings and having managed both large & small teams to success, Valerie Delforge (International Business Strategy Consultant) will share her knowledge in building winning teams and is keen to help you thrive.


More specifically:

  • Learn to create achievable targets
  • Discover tactics to motivate a part-time and furloughed team
  • Learn how to create individual development plans
  • Embrace your soft skills and grow into the leader you dream of being (and that your team needs!)


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