Phorest FM Episode 196: Unleash The Power Of Staff Performance‪

Working in a super-engaged, high-performance environment can be one of the most rewarding goals for all salon teams today. Salon managers want to keep staff motivated, engaged and focused on their performance metrics. In turn, their team members want to be challenged, empowered and inspired to achieve their potential. Yet, one of this year's biggest challenges will be motivating staff and teams on furlough, part furlough, disengaged, bored, scared or struggling with their own mental health. The staff feedback process just got so much easier. Your team can now check on their key performance metrics, such as revenue and transactions for services, product retail and client booking numbers in their PhorestGo app — at any time, anywhere. Spend your time coaching and empowering your team instead of reading through long reports and big data tables. On this week's episode, we're joined by Phorest Product Lead Cillian Moloney to discuss the latest Staff Performance feature release. Are you ready to get your team to peak performance?




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