Phorest FM Episode 234: Ronan Perceval on the Story of Phorest

It’s 2004. Phorest’s Founder & CEO Ronan Perceval is hunched underneath the salon reception desk, troubleshooting a hardware issue in the first infant version of Phorest’s Software. “I wondered if I would ever truly delight the salon owner waiting in front of me. I can barely remember what else happened that day, but I remember this very clearly. It was my goal to make sure that everything in her growing business was working smoothly and I knew if I got it right, together we could bring more revenue in through her door.” Of course, we now know that he did. Fast forward to 2022, and Phorest has become a global success story with over 9,000 businesses using its products and services. With each new business that joins, Phorest is inspired to be better. In this episode, hear Ronan Perceval on what makes the hair & beauty industry so unique, how a small idea grew to a global software company with salon professionals at the heart of it, the various lightbulb moments and key milestones that make the story of Phorest, and so much more.




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