Multi-location salon management on-the-go

Karen, Beauty Secrets, Runs a Multi-Location Beauty Salon from her Palm with PhorestGo

With 5 salons across the south of England, Karen and her team use PhorestGo to streamline the management of people, resources and clients while constantly on-the-go.


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welcome-quote Phorest is a game changer! The amount of time that you can save by just having your information available at your fingertips, for all of the branches in one go, is amazing. If I didn't have Phorest, I think my whole world would implode, I can't imagine life without it!"
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  • From her PhorestGo app, Karen can:

    Monitor the day-to-day schedules at all her locations from home

    See detailed reporting on her staff and clients at each location

    Allow her team to prep for the day before they reach the salon

    Game-changing multi-location management

    Beauty Secrets was established 38 years ago by Karen Thompson’s mother, in a single room out of the family home. Today, Karen has built the business to span five multi-award-winning high street salons and day spas across the south of England. So for Karen, the most important aspect of Phorest is the multi-location capabilities.


    Before switching to Phorest, Karen was using outdated salon software that didn’t allow her to access information remotely, and did not have a native mobile app. This meant Karen was constantly on the road, as she needed to be on-location to check the schedule and reporting at each of her locations every day.


    “I use PhorestGo first thing in the morning, to check on what’s in the diaries. I can literally sit in bed and look on my phone and flick up four diaries from four different salons all around the area and see exactly who’s in work, who’s not, what clients we have, and what white space there is. So that’s a massive change because to do that previously, I had to actually get in the car go to the salons and look in the diary. So for me, that’s a massive difference.”


    Time-saving tools

    Since switching to Phorest, both owner, Karen, and Beauty Secrets salon manager, Peter Maloney, have found their days streamlined by the tools in Phorest that help them save time when running 5 busy locations. Each of them discussed which tools in Phorest save them the most time.


    Multi-location reporting

    “It’s having a portable business my pocket that I can look at any time of the day,” said Karen. “It means that I cut down on the amount of time that I have to spend crunching the figures because the computer does it for me. The major benefit for us is all of the information that it can generate about our business. So we know how much every client spends. We know the average figure how long they come to us for, when they come us, when they come back, and when they don’t. All of that information is so valuable.


    If I didn’t have Phorest anymore, I think my whole world would implode. I actually can’t imagine life without Phorest.”


    Managing staff & equipment

    Salon Manager Peter said: “Phorest is the first app that I look at in the morning, before I even get to the salon, I can see what’s going on in the diary, I can see who I’m working with, I can see what clients I’ve got in, so we can prepare before we’ve even hit the salon. And Phorest helps me ensure that we have the facilities, rooms, and equipment available for the treatments that our guests are coming in for on that particular day.


    We never have any double bookings. We never have any machines that are double booked. So I know that as soon as I get in the salon and the therapists start their day, it’s smooth and seamless, until I put the phone down when I finish work.


    Phorest for me, it just ensures that everything’s done, and it saves me a lot of time.”


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