Phorest FM Episode 104: Sinead Carroll & Jay Williams On The Salon Owners Summit Roadshow, Building Trust & Leaving Your Mark

Known as one of the most prestigious and talked about events in the hair & beauty industry in Europe, the Salon Owners Summit will leave its home in Dublin this coming April to embark on its first roadshow… destination: Chicago! The objective? To bring salon owners and their teams together with the greatest minds in the world in business, customer service, marketing and management.

To discuss the reasons behind the tour, the logistics and lineup, you’ll hear from regular contributor Sinead Carroll. Then, joining Killian, Zoe and Sinead on the show, you will be introduced to Jay Williams, a 25-year veteran of the salon industry, author, educator and speaker at the Salon Owners Summit Roadshow stop in Chicago.


Sinead Carroll

Sinead Carroll leads Phorest Salon Software’s Events & PR activity in the US market. A natural networker, she is responsible for concepting and implementing strategies to elevate the Phorest brand & generate demand in the USA. She attends numerous industry events throughout the year, such as Salon Today’s Data-Driven, Intercoiffure’s Spring and Fall Ateliers or Eufora Global Connection, to name a few. Most would know her for being the driving force behind both Phorest’s Salon Owners Summit flagship conference in Dublin and the Salon Owners Summit Roadshow.

Jay Williams

Jay Williams has over 25 years of experience across a wide variety of disciplines. With a focus in delivering exceptional client satisfaction, Jay has helped numerous clients achieve desired business outcomes through his leadership and contributions in the areas of sales, client services, and executive coaching.

Jay has worked for world-class hair brands, thriving distributors, educational institutions, and one-on-one with thousands of leaders. A frequent speaker at industry events, Jay’s warm and humorous… and at times irreverent style engages audiences in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seats, gives them confidence, and shifts their thinking. He understands their challenges and opportunities from their point of view and draws on his rich experience to help them unlock their potential and fuel their passion.



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