Phorest FM Episode 126: Billy Rickman On The Mindset Of The New Age Salonpreneur

You have two salon owners. One who works 40 hrs/week in the salon, servicing clients, trying to look after the team as well as all the other internal operations. She’s tired, stressed & frustrated by the slow growth and always running flat out just to stay ahead. The other salon owner works 40 hrs/week on the business, but away from the salon. She is motivated each day by the results she is seeing from driving people into the business and having happy and motivated staff.

Fundamentally, why are their results so different? And more importantly, which one of the two types of owners are you? Featuring Australia-based business coach Billy Rickman, also the franchisor of XY Skin and Body Specialists and founder of SalonGrowthCon, this week’s episode explores the future of salon ownership. Be ready for a pinch of tough love and a shift in mindset.


Billy Rickman

Billy Rickman is the Franchisor of XY Skin and Body Specialists, creator of the XY Buying Group and a National Sales and Marketing Trainer.

For the past 12 years, Billy has been helping beauty salon and skin clinic owners open, operate and build businesses within the beauty industry. Billy has helped clinic owners across nearly all states of Australia and has been awarded for training excellence by the Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

Billy is followed by business owners throughout Australia and many of his training and business support has been implemented in clinics within XY and externally through his business coaching and sales programs.
And, because he is so passionate about seeing fellow Salon Owners realise their business dreams, he has written a blog & several books, plus created courses that designed to help business owners succeed, no matter what their size or budget.



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