Phorest FM Episode 127: July Monthly Round-Up

Did you miss an episode this month? Catch up on everything that’s happened in July with Killian and Zoe’s round-up. On the agenda: a look into the new Salon Branded Apps with Phorest Product Manager Enda Glacken, upcoming webinars you can join and snippets from previous interviews with David Linde & Gayle Fulbright, Rachel Ringwood and Billy Rickman.


Enda Glacken

Enda Glacken is a Product Manager at Phorest, responsible for developing and improving our branded booking apps for salons. He was previously the frontend designer and developer of Channelship and a senior UI Developer at Bamboo Digital.

Enda has a passion for building tools to help salon owners supercharge their marketing. He has spoken at various industry events, including the Scottish Hair & Beauty Show and the Data Driven Salon Summit in Atlanta, where he gave tips on how to take your salon marketing to the next level. Enda has also written for the Sunday Business Post on getting the most out of Twitter for small businesses.



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