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Which Call-To-Action Words Will Grow Your Salon Client List?

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Which Call-To-Action Words Will Grow Your Salon Client List?

Writing a call-to-action might seem really easy, but it’s actually kind of a science. You have essential ingredients and powerful words that increase conversions. The question is, what words should you be using for them to click on your offer and not just stare at it like a cute pup stares at its treat?

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Growing Your Salon Client List The Easy Way

You’ve got a social media presence, you’re sending email and SMS marketing campaigns targeted to the right customers and yet, you’re not seeing the conversions you’d like. People are just not clicking on your offers and promotions. Very frustrating.

“What’s the problem then?”, you might say.

Well as weird as it sounds, you might not be using the right words. In the marketing world, the way you word things is crucial. According to experts, it’s all about creating emotions.

How Do You Know Which Wording You Should Use?

We have dug around online and found some of the top engaging call-to-action that could really have a significantly positive impact on your salon client list. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all – find what works best for your salon’s marketing campaign context. Oh, and remember that you can combine them! 😉

Power Words

salon client list

Make Them Take An Action

salon client list

Words That Invoke Rarity

salon client list

Bringing In Some Exclusivity

salon client list

Urging A Client To Act Fast

salon client list

So there you have it! By writing or choosing the “right” words, your conversion rates will increase dramatically. Give these salon best-of-the-best call-to-action words a try in your next marketing campaigns and let us know how it goes!

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