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Phorest; Empowering House of Quirk to Make a Big Splash in a Small Community

Based in Northwich, England, House of Quirk is an independent hair salon dedicated to creating a community based on inclusivity, fun, and support. Hear what co-owner Rae has to say about how Phorest helps them do just that.

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welcome-quote If our town isn’t successful, neither are we. Our community keeps our business alive. We really love the innovation and constant roll-out of new features for the system and the way that you guys always seem to find ways to improve… You can tell most people working in Phorest come from a salon background!
  • Rae

    Co-Founder, House of Quirk

Using Phorest, House of Quirk Achieved;

More Impactful Marketing

Increased Online Reviews & Visibility

Better Salon Reporting

House of Quirk; Part of The Community

There is no denying that House of Quirk is more than a hair salon; it’s a cultural institution in their hometown of Northwich. From charity fundraising events and album-listening parties to local community drives, a welcoming, in-salon café space, and mindful interior design, this salon is built for bringing people together. 


“If our town isn’t successful, neither are we. Our community enables that. It keeps our business alive and kicking,” notes co-owner Rae, one of 9 professionals working in the House of Quirk team.


Inspired by a passion for “Hair, music, and mischief”, Rae says; “It’s not just a hair salon, we’ve used it as a platform to be a part of the community. We want people to feel that we’re approachable and that people who need help or don’t feel part of a community can come here as well. It’s not just a transaction.”


Successful Marketing Makes for Successful Events

Running any hair salon is a busy job, made even more hectic when the space you operate out of is being used for events and community building. Amidst the chaos of organising after-work music events and various fundraisers for local charities, House of Quirk needed a salon software that could help streamline their day to day operations. That’s where Phorest’s simple user interface and advanced salon marketing tools come into play. 


With templates and custom features available, as well as a spelling and grammar checker and photo editor, Phorest’s email marketing suite empowers House of Quirk to send professional, sleek, and targeted messages to its entire client base at the click of a button. “Email marketing campaigns really help us roll out music events, community work, and general messaging,” says Rae, who now spends a lot more time organising events, while Phorest looks after all the advertising for her. 


Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Space

In any successful community, diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront. This ethos is something that runs deep through House of Quirk, from the salon’s in-house values to its external messaging and interior design. Keen to ensure everyone visiting the salon space feels comfortable, House of Quirk have implemented;


  • Gender-neutral messaging across their social and marketing comms
  • Unisex services and genderless pricing
  • Industrial interior design using neutral colours and soft lighting 
  • Intentional space layout, with salon chairs located away from windows to ensure clients don’t feel like they’re being observed by onlookers while in the salon


To advertise their salon as one that is authentically inclusive, Rae makes ample use of social media. On the topic, she explains; “We can take for granted how much we imprint on people’s lives [as salon businesses]. Using social media is a way for clients to feel connected to you, and feel that they are a part of the salon too, almost like a friend or family member. They want to know what you’ve been up to.” To boost the online visibility of their social platforms and really drive this message home, reviews are integral. 


“The social media reviews feature [on Phorest] is something we wouldn’t do without,” Rae laughs. Integrated seamlessly within the software, Phorest’s Online Reputation Manager allows salon owners like Rae to automatically request reviews from clients right after they’ve visited. Salon professionals then have the option to reply to reviews and publish them across social media platforms.


Similar to Phorest’s email and SMS marketing features, it’s a way to streamline the advertising of your business so that you can focus more on running it. 


Using Phorest to Supercharge Salon Success 

A constantly-evolving, independent business requires a salon partner who is just as dedicated to growth and innovation as they are, which is why House of Quirk chose Phorest as their salon software over 6 years ago. Some of Rae’s favourite aspects of Phorest include;


  • Regular new feature roll-outs, all inspired by what its current users are asking for and need 
  • Fast and reliable support response times, whether over the phone or via email
  • The availability of ongoing, on-demand training, ensuring everyone in the salon is confident using the system 


One of the best things about Phorest, according to the House of Quirk team, is that new features are always developed off the back of real-life user feedback, with a “suggestion” button integrated into the software itself. “I love that we can vote for the salon and [suggest] things that could be more helpful in the platform itself… “ This simple feature relays feedback directly to the Phorest Product team, inspiring everything we do and ensuring that the software remains up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the professional salon industry.


A Partnership Made in Salon Heaven

In an industry that’s ever-evolving, embracing community, support, education, and collaboration is key; an ethos that both Phorest and House of Quirk share ardently. Rae puts it better than we ever could when she speaks about the importance of this industry to her team as well as the world around her; 


“We are so, so passionate about the industry. We boost people’s sense of wellbeing. That’s powerful. We feel strongly about being a part of the community. Supporting local independent businesses, helping local charities’ voices where possible, and keeping everyone in the ‘know’.” 


That’s what it means to be part of this wonderful industry, Rae, and Phorest is proud to be supporting, in the background, cheering you on. 


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