Ads Manager – Reach New Clients with Powerful New Social Ads Creator

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We’re delighted to launch the powerful new ‘Ads Manager’ tool on Phorest. With Ads Manager, you can create and publish ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Ads Manager lets you can target brand new clients that match your custom ‘dream client’ profile. In addition, you have the power to target your existing or lost clients to ensure your revenue streams are protected and growing.

What is Ads Manager?

Our brand new Ads Manager empowers you to advertise on social media to new ‘dream’ clients that match your ideal customer profile, in addition to targeting existing or lapsed clients to keep your salon top of mind.

An industry-first innovation to help you and your team navigate social media advertising. Launch high-impact campaigns on Facebook and Instagram all from within your Phorest system. It’s as simple as sending an email.

Who can I target with Ads Manager?

  • New Clients – finding clients that match your personal ‘dream client’ profile
  • Existing Clients – keep your brand top-of-mind with your regular customers
  • Lost Clients – Get past clients back into your salon

How do I set up Ads Manager?

  1. Go to Marketing > Ads Manager, and once you have linked your Facebook account, you are ready to start posting ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Create your ad – add your message, headline, text, and daily budget.

If you are interested in Ads Manager, you can read more here.

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