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Salon Gift Cards: a Holiday Gift for Them and For You!

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Salon Gift Cards: a Holiday Gift for Them and For You

The countdown is on. The busiest season of the year for salons and spas is just around the corner. For many people, this means more celebrations to attend and more reasons to get glammed up–hence the clients clambering into your appointment books for one last blow dry, brow wax, or manicure. It also means more gift-exchanging occasions for them to account for. 

Your clients are on the hunt for gifts. And your salon has the solution. 

5 reasons your gift cards are an ideal gift this year:

1. They are a sustainable choice: 

As people are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their shopping choices in general, many want to make considerate gift choices for their friends and family. Looking to cut back on mindlessly buying ‘stuff’ that may collect dust on their loved one’s shelf, a gift card is a thoughtful, practical alternative. 

2. They offer an experience:

Research shows that younger generations prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material possessions, generating what marketers have dubbed the ‘experience economy.’ 

3. They promote self-care:

Many people will be looking to pamper the people in their lives with gifts that allow them to relax and recharge. This trend is already going strong, as wellness gift guides are cropping up online. 

4. They support local:

2020  ignited a movement to ‘shop small’ and support local businesses. In fact, when Phorest first launched Online Gift Cards in April 2020, 100,000 were sold in the first three weeks. This energy hasn’t disappeared. Many people know their spending means more to businesses in their local community than it does to the retail giants. There is still a huge opportunity for salons to capitalize on this ‘feel-good’ factor. 

5. They are stress-free for gifters: 

Not everyone will be itching to dive headfirst into the chaos of malls and shopping centres as the December crowds gather. Experts predict hybrid retail trends to continue, as many stores promote curbside pick-up or buy online pick-up in-store. Whether your clients are buying from you online or picking one up at their appointment, a gift card is a dependable, stress-free choice. 

Phorest can help you give clients one more reason to buy your salon’s gift cards.

You can now promote them at a discount.

‘Tis the season of sales.  Black Friday (25th November), Cyber Monday (28th November) and even Small Business Saturday (26th November) are becoming global events. And if you are still wondering what promotion your salon should run with, here is the sign you have been looking for.

Selling more gift cards will benefit your salon in 3 key ways: 

1. Gift cards introduce new clients to the salon: 

Without the additional cost and effort of acquiring them.

2. Gift cards boost cash flow:

Get funds into the salon even before the service is completed.

3. Gift cards give recipients permission to spend more on top of their ‘free money:

Because they have been gifted a significant portion of the cost of their service, clients feel more open to add-ons. 

Here’s how to work your gift card promotion to your advantage:

The Right Time:

Time your promotion for when your clients are most likely to buy. Our suggestion? There are at least two crucial opportunities to promote your gift cards: Black Friday Week’ and the week before Christmas. According to Phorest data, 41% of gift cards sold in the month of December are sold the week before Christmas. A  significant 9% are sold on Christmas eve alone, as people reach for last-minute gifts. 

You can also use your discounted gift cards to incentivize people to book into the salon during off-peak times. On your salon’s website, consider setting terms & conditions so that gift cards purchased during the months of November and December, for example, cannot be redeemed until January. 

The Right Place:

You need to get the word out about your gift cards, but where? Encourage staff to mention them during appointments. Advertise at the reception desk and throughout the salon. You can even take this to the next level by bundling them with retail products. This will help those clients who may still appreciate the traditional physical gift-giving achieve the effect they are looking for. 

Of course, be sure to promote your online gift cards on social media, where your clients will already likely be keeping a lookout for gift ideas over the next couple of months. 

We make it easy. You can sell gift cards through Phorest using a direct web link or your Salon Booking App. Head over to the Phorest Marketing Suite, where there are already email and SMS templates to help you launch your holiday campaign as soon as you are ready.  

Plus, here are a few more Phorest features to assist you during the holiday rush:

Online Store: You know your clients love online shopping. Sell holiday gifts even after-hours salon hours. 

Staff Goals: Incentivise staff to sell more retail by setting targets or keep them motivated for one last push to meet their yearly goals.

Online Reputation Manager: Ask clients to leave reviews while they are in the holiday spirit. Start 2023 with a 5-star online reputation to boost your marketing all year.

Custom Online Deposits: No-shows hurt more during this extra busy time of year when appointments are like gold dust. Set custom deposit rates for high-risk clients and appointment types to protect your income.

Cardless Checkout: The seamless conclusion to any salon appointment. Your clients avoid the lines to pay, and you get precious time back. 

Phorest Salon Software has your back this November, December and onwards. Phorest clients can contact their dedicated business advisor for any of the strategic support they may need.  Still, looking for your software partner? Book a free demo with our friendly team to learn more about what Phorest can do for you.

This article was originally published on November 11th, 2021 and has been updated.


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